Docking The Cannabis!

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Hey everyone, any budding pot growers out there? Excuse the ambiguity ;P I have been growing cannabis for years, I have always had an affinity to this plant. Used to smoke it, but these days I just used it for medicinal purposes, no really!!

Last season I made some incredible THC oil which I mixed with Frankenscence, Olive/Coconut Oil and various other essential oils, it makes the most fantastic moisturizer/skin lotion EVER!


Here we have my biggest plant. This I planted at the beginning of Spring around 3 months back and it has just thrived. A great way to get maximum production from 1 plant is a few months in cut the plant's main stem right off about half way up. Sacrilege right? Not really.



What a bonus to have a 'free plant' from the cutting as well as from the 'mothership, many branches from the main stalk. Cheap, Sneaky very effective trick!



Not the Worlds best pic as the sun and camera angle are wrong, but this I took just after I cut the main stem half way up.


Just over a week later around 5-6 new stalks coming from the point of severance and already around 20cms long each. This technique works a dream, I have done it quiet often and is a sure fine absolute way to vastly increase harvest yield a few months down the line!


Here I have another plant looking a little 'spindly' which I have not docked, I shall do that in the next week or two too!


The docked portion I planted between the others and water daily. Cannabis grows from cuttings as long as you water daily this will eventually shoot roots and grow and proliferate like the other plants! The docked plant will shoot many roots from the main stem vastly increasing the output of the plant come harvest time!


My gorgeous little accomplice and partner in crime Tinkie ever present. In the foreground my epic, delicious Tahitian Butternut (harvested and ate our first one this week, truly delicious) Also have some Corn and Rock Melon Plants in this pic!


Bottom right 1 of the 3 plants still needing to be docked, in the middle somewhere the docked plant, planted and far left the original plant really thriving.


Free the Weed.

Have a super cool weekend.


Beautiful garden you have, makes me miss having my big garden (or any garden) these days. Nothing better than getting out and tending to the plants. Nice idea to trim back your plants> I often did the same with my veggies to prolong may harvest and get that extra growth on the same plants. Waste not, want not. I look forward to making tinctures and salves from my few medicinal cannabis . Keep up the great work.

Hang in there bud, you'll garden again. It always sucks to be without greenery. Feels a bit like life itself is missing. I'm healthier and happier when I have at least one or two plants on the go. Cannabis, food, even flowers! As long as it's green and alive and soaking up light, I'm happy :)

Thanks @ultratrain appreciate bruv I am blessed! Cheer$;)

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I enjoy your cannabis gardening pics. You should do a full post (again) on your soil (which is a good point to bring up your magic juice additive). Your sunshine is pretty generic (we get that here in Canada sometimes too!) and water is somewhat common to every continent... but your soil appears to be a little different than anything I've worked with. Give us a closer look and talk sometime :)

LOL SWEET BRUV much appreciated.. LOL I shall do so, much appreciate the love and comment and all that, Our soil is very Sandy but where I plant all the plants compost and my magic sauce and as you can see working a dream ;) Cheer$;)

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Wow I am honoured brother many thanks much appreciate. Peace To Moon ;P

Nice one, Your garden is looking mighty nice that is for sure.

That is literally just a quarter of it. Thanks bruv. Cheer$;)

Was given a plant a month ago so this is very useful information thanks @craigcryptoking looking forward to making some homemade hand creams so a recipe of two would be interesting to try out.

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Awww thanks a ton @joanstewart much appreciated, love this plant and I know you do too.. hehhehe Cheer$;)

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I am truly honored thank so much I really appreciate that! Cheer$;)

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Hey magic bruv again thanks a ton. Cheer$;)

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This is so beautifull❤️

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Weeds for life