Under the Microscope: A THC Wonderland

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Have you ever seen anything so incredible looking? I bet most of you are wondering what this is right? I'll give you a hint, it is a picture taken with a microscope.

Every time I zoom in on something with my microscope I feel like I'm in a completely different world. I get to see things in ways most people never will. I get a better understanding of things on a deeper level. It's nice seeing things from a different perspective, it gives you an opportunity to experience something new.

While zoomed in over 100X familiar items become hard to identify, morphing into something completely different.
They take on completely new shapes that sometimes look out of this world!

When zoomed in 100x to 300x, Cannabis looks truly AMAZING! That's right, its Marijuana and as you can see the trichomes really come to life and create a forest of crystals, especially when the THC content is extremely high (over 20%). Or maybe I just think that it looks cool because I'm really stoned from smoking this delicious bud :0) lol. Either way, I'm loving it!

You are looking at the part of cannabis that actually gets you high! The THC aka Trichomes ;)

These are all pictures from my most recent harvest of Critical Widow. I grow everything organic, this batch was done in bubble buckets under LED lights.

Thank you for seeds: True North Seed Bank

Critical Mass X White Widow to be exact.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures of my THC Wonderland and remember to take a closer look at things from now on. T

Take care friends and Remember


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Cannabis does save lives. That is good advice. "Take a closer look"


Always love the close up shots!