Week 5 update - flowering starting

in canna-curate •  7 months ago 

The girls had their First feed of Flowering nutrients 3 days ago, this small grow space is filling up fast
They are showing signs of Budding now so that's good, these Autoflowers I am running the lights 24 hours a day - I used to run 20/4 but since I am still experimenting, its all about trial and error



Northern Lights


The temp is around 25 degrees with the humidity hovering around 45 - 50 which is fine by me

Been buying Weedcash the last week and plan to buy more shortly :)

Hope you are all blazed as, i intend to get messy very shortly

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I am @dr-autoflower

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45-50 are sweet numbers arnt they, lol. When they get in the mid 60's, thats when I get nervous.

I set the token holders to a 3 minute vote and now Steemworld is saying I'm getting 0 curation... I think it could just be an error, or perhaps I really am not getting any rewards right now. This is annoying :-/

yep happy with current humidity now just to keep it there and slowly lower :)

They look awesome!

thanks i hope they stay looking awesome :)

I wonder what would happen to the yield if you ended up messing around with that photoperiod? Could you just do 24 hours a day? I know that the type of photosynthesis that weed performs allows the plant to photosynthesize 24hrs a day without a dark period but how would that affect the yields on an autoflower?

It's so crazy how that kinda stuff works man- Im really interested to know more about these plants now.

reading other people opinions on the big bad internet stated 24 hours would increase the yield on auto's - i thought feck it i will try that :)

we will see

That's pretty interesting. I would not have thought that so much light would be helpful during flowering, but since these are autoflowering plants, I suppose things are a bit different for them.

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