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Society Unlocks New Achievement

While we were all stuck in our homes due to the government lockdown of society across most of the world, cancel culture was lying in wait. If you haven't been paying attention to what's been happening around you, specifically after the BLM riots and protests, anyone who doesn't agree with this political ideology or who doesn't follow suit is subject to cancellation. Anyone who for any reason does not bend the knee to identity politics and this Neo-Marxist thinking is to be tarred and feathered as an enemy of progress, a racist, the far right, or worst of all, a trump supporter.

If this reminds you of the Spanish Inquisition or some kind of cult, which dictates how people must think, speak and act, that exactly what this is. When anyone or any group demands that everyone adopts a stipulated doctrine of belief and thinking, and then also does everything possible to destroy those who do not covert, we have a problem.

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"Racism is not dead, but it is on life support, kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists." - Thomas Sowell

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Thing is, history always tends to repeat itself, so when we look back into the past to when this kind of orthodoxy was demanded and push down upon people, terrible atrocities would always follow. Think of the persecution of Christians during Roman times, the Spanish Inquisition, slavery across the ages where every nation and race was enslaved. This kind of thought policing and indoctrination occurred in the last 100 years, through communism, socialism and fascism. Did we somehow forget the consequences of taking this course of action?

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

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You're either laughing or you're learning.

Join me tomorrow for more lessons on these really easy to understand concepts.

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It is exactly the lessons of history that have driven sales of personal arms of late in America. While the right tend to have significant penetration in military and police institutions, the left has ~50 years practice in the application of terrorism, dating back to the 1970s and the Weather Underground. A similar history in South Africa seems obvious, from the example of Nelson Mandela and his Communist terrorist beginnings, as well as wider ranging examples like Rhodesia, Angola, and up to the present across the continent.

Many on the right consider the left nothing but incompetent snowflakes, but history reveals very violent and murderous mass movements exactly as you detail in the OP. I am confident the cocky conservatives will be shocked at the organized and professional competence of the left in executing mass murder and social control with that as a threat. The institutional depth and financial means of the left have increased and become more robust since the '70s, while the right suffers from being continually repressed and targeted by both extranational financial institutions and covert governmental agencies due to the growing penetration of left wing radicals into those kinds of organizations.

It is the left that is most suited to collectivist means, and institutional power, while the right is mostly focused on individualists and inherently averse to marching in lockstep. Further, due to the left's conception of humanity as a collective, individual rights and suffering are relatively inconsequential. Brazen bulls, the example of the Avars sewing cats into the bellies of pregnant women, and the burnings at the stake featured in the Inquisition trouble them far less than conservatives that see the individuals as of paramount importance, rather than negligible and simply means to enforce collective obedience.

What comes after this present collapse of free society across the West is certain, as you point out, to be violent and horrifying terrorism, that is probably inconceivable to most that consider themselves conservatives. This is largely because conservatives aren't intent on mass conformance of cattle, but the opposite, and their thinking fails to grasp the progression from identity politics to fascist oppression, beyond noting it as unacceptable and repeated throughout history. That progression is about to leap from protest to violent force of masses of people to conform, having recruited all those psychologically agreeable.

What's left is murderous oppression, and for this the left is superbly prepared and funded. The right may not grasp the full import and intent of this ideological divide, but many sense the need for robust defenses, and when masses of collectivist cannon fodder are coming to torture your children in front of you, you'll need a lot of ammo to keep them from succeeding.

There's probably not enough ammo to do the job, and folks would better prepare by deploying modern technological security mechanisms. WMDs invented more recently than chemically propelled slugs, which are ~1000 years old, in other words. Such security mechanisms balance the scales better than firearms. Mechanisms that are designed to dissuade mobs, not robbers, like napalm, microwave fields, and claymores, for example, will give a lot more bang for the buck.

Decentralization dramatically tips the scales in favor of suitably tooled up individuals against centrally controlled masses, but require sensible application to do so. Mobs are coming, and recent history reveals that loners will be overwhelmed, as gangs can attack in shifts, and individuals have to rest sooner or later. Best to be teamed up and prepared to repel hordes, IMHO.