Open letter to Rebel News and other Cancelled Conservatives

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Dear Ezra Levant of Rebel News.

I have great respect for your work and read with great concern of you being "Cancelled" by Youtube and PayPal.

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However I am greatly frustrated by conservatives and libertarians who continue to use the platforms of their enemies - its is like the French resistance publishing their membership lists and plans in Der Sturmer!

Google, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal are the enemies of freedom, liberty and conservatives everywhere.

We must stop using their platforms for both content and payments and immediately adopt the excellent alternatives of Web 3.0 (decentralised, blockchain and cryptocurrency based solutions).

  • Cancel PayPal by adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method for all your customers, donors and suppliers. It is way cheaper and much more flexible. This means having self hosted wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies to accept anonymous donations, not just using Coinbase (not your keys not your crypto).
  • Cancel YouTube by posting all your videos first on decentralised platforms such as Odysee (LBRY) and 3Speak. I see you have Odysee but there is no Rebel News 3Speak channel (only OziAvi). If you still have YouTube access only post teasers (not full videos) which push the viewer to alternative platforms.
  • Cancel Facebook and Twitter by posting all your text content and links to videos (with text descriptions) first to the Hive blockchain using excellent front ends such as PeakD, Hive.Blog and D.Buzz (for short form content). If you must use these evil Big Tech platforms only post short teasers and direct the viewer to the full content on a decentralised platform.
  • Remove Big Tech links from your website and replace with decentralised alternatives. I note that you still have links to Facebook, Yourtube, Twitter and Instagram at the top of your website.

These Big Tech platforms only have power because people are too lazy to leave them, even when it is clear they are bad news and when there are way better, censorship resistant alternatives that allow you to earn money for your content and expose you to the future of finance.

Early adopters of Web 3.0 platforms are already having multiple major financial windfalls, just by posting content and being exposed to the new world of the decentralised web. There is an opportunity to become wealthy from cryptocurrency without investing a cent of your own money.

Just by posting the content you are already producing on multiple decentralised platforms you will earn cryptocurrencies which have huge growth potential - and you can help them grow by bringing over your audiences.

So you understand how this works and just how powerful an earning method it is let me give you and example: your video above about PayPal cancelling you. You can post it:

  1. on Odysee and earn LBRY;
  2. on 3Speak and earn HIVE (and additional SPEAK tokens in future);
  3. with a leofinance tag (as its related to finance) and earn LEO;
  4. with a proofofbrain tag (as its quality content) and earn POB;
  5. with a palnet tag (as its about Peace, Abundance, and Liberty) and earn PAL.

Each of LBRY, HIVE, SPEAK, LEO, POB and PAL cryptocurrencies not only earn you money now but have great potential for huge growth.

Also you will earn tips in a range of other cryptocurrencies.
I got a tip in DOGE about a year ago that was a small amount and now DOGE is up many hundred fold and the tip is worth meaningful money.

Promote Web 3.0 platforms to your audience - its a virtuous circle
Not only should you use these decentralised platforms yourself, but you need to promote them to your audience in all your emails and help them to join up too. Always use links to decentralised platforms in all your material and avoid links to Big Tech platforms.

This does require some learning and discipline but it a small price to pay for personal and financial freedom, as well as the opportunity to make big money long term.

By doing this not only are you helping to set your audience free from Big Tech Cancel Culture but you are enhancing the value of these decentralised platforms and the value of the cryptocurrencies you have earned by posting your content on them.

I have written a couple of articles (on Hive) to assist people leaving censoring centralised Big Tech platforms behind.

$500 Bonus for taking the Red Pill

As an extra incentive I / @jpbliberty will donate $500 (by direct cryptocurrency transfer) to Rebel News's legal battle with cancel culture once you've completed the above steps.

You can claim this $500 by posting a comment on this post from a Rebel News Hive account that has been confirmed by a link to it at the top of your website.

Please vote for my Hive witness. (KeyChain or HiveSigner)

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Hey there, it has been a while since we touched base, I sincerely hope that you are doing well.

The censorship is overwhelming lately, and I firmly believe that decentralization and diversity is the way forward for the big fish. At the same time I find it fascinating how they cling so dearly to the conventional platforms of exposure, even if it means they end up playing the victim card when their content gets removed.

On a side note, completely off topic - my daughter made it to university, and is studying her LLB, First year; as a lawyer I thought you'd appreciate the sentiment.

Congrats on your daughter getting into law.

Most people are so change averse that they cling on to things that they know are bad for them just to avoid having to learn something new.

I'll admit I don't have a lot of insightful things to say about this, but I wanted to thank you for this post, because I hadn't heard about LBRY before. Going to check it out and see if it's for me.

I'm happy I found Steemit years ago, because it really helped me share my content and earn a little something for it too. Hive now fills that spot. To me, it's much better than social media. There's no adds or real censoring, other than the possibility of downvotes. In that regard, you can either choose to stay on the safe side of topics and get a bigger chance to 'cash in', or you can be a renegade, say whatever the heck you like and have a chance to receive downvotes and a low reputation.

Sure, there's crap posts and they get rewarded way too much, while things you put your heart in hardly get noticed, but that's basically just life. You either need the right connections, a little luck, or lots and lots of hard work to get anywhere. If you want to get heard, you might aswell do it on the blockchain.

We should use hive fund for legal battles / actions liek this and get to the news as well.

Interesting! My comment has nothing to say on the content of this post. It is instead prompted by the main tag "cancelculture", the use of which I find amusingly ironic as I will try to lay out in brief below (details are all in the links):

  • you posted a comment on this post in response to a comment by @lols. Your response - an example of this very same #cancelculture (certainly as I see it) - triggered punitive action against this user, effectively cancelling him (you can read his experience here).
  • in the same thread you interacted with @oldoneeye who objected to what you said. In reply to what was, at most, a personal attack on YOU (alignment, IQ), you levelled the same charge of anti-semitism at him (via the meme he used to illustrate your position as he saw it) as you had at lols. You also yourself made a couple of unpleasant, below-the-belt suggestions (which btw, did not get you 'cancelled' :). You can read Oldonneeye's thoughts on the matter here.
  • in the same thread again, when the 'anti-semitic' label was challenged and I asked you to provide some reasons as to why you consider the two memes in question to be anti-semitic, you ignored the invitation to clarify. I was moved to write about it myself, for the incident seemed to have struck a nerve with me.

Now, almost three months later, I saw this post and felt I would like to comment to round off this matter AFAIC. Unless of course you may be willing to list why you thought those memes to be anti-semitic and to openly discuss and explore a perspective that says that they cannot reasonably be said to be so. Of course, if the label may be applied subjectively, at will, and without particular consideration to actual context etc, why my good sir, is that not just a perfect example of this famous Cancel Culture that we speak of in action?

Mr. Hamilton, I'm not asking/expecting anything. You do what you like. This is the public blockchain, actions are still visible through the BLOCKS, and they still speak louder than words!

Please also accept a 100 percenter to add to that $500 fund, no sarcasm.


I'm taking the liberty of calling this to the attn. of @frot and @palikari123, as you guys were actively involved in that discussion too :)

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The irony here is so thick it is stuck to the brush...


What is irony? And what is cancel culture? I think some of these terms need to be explained to those who use them as a weapon, and then claim they are being used against them only! Apparently, this behaviour only applies to one side!

A new and improved non-stick brush may be required also!


Perhaps we should downvote his post for 'Anti-Semitism', and then not provide any form of justification whatsoever, and flee the scene without rectifying ourselves.

Or not, but, yeah.

Thanks for the tag and your well thought out comment! I was not aware of your original post, so had a read of it with your link from here. Very well said and done!


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