The old camera is back in action with Luna & cute puppies ๐Ÿถ

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I did a big film job in the UK last year with my pro camera which was an extreme test for me in many ways. I lived in the middle of no-where, away from my family for 7 months, next to a solar farm construction site 20 miles outside York. It was depressing at times to be honest and my only friend was the site manager who had enough problems of his own to be giving me little hugs each day.

Money is useful but if it is consistently the driving force behind your creative actions, there is an inauthenticity to the end result.

I am telling you this because I put my professional camera away at the end of the job and vowed to pull it out again only when I felt ready, which just happened to be yesterday, exactly one year later.

The very first image I took immediately filled me up with all the right reasons for having this camera!

The French gov have graciously permitted us to travel again (though they do still advise us to keep our old people in a separate room to the rest of the family during Christmas!!!) so yesterday we went to see some friends with a beautiful dog who recently became a mother.


The beauty of this type of camera is the depth of field one can achieve. That's the out of focus bit behind Luna which draws the attention to the focused bit.


It also permits me to zoom in and catch the close-up shots with ease.


If I am far enough away people don't notice me at all. In a world of her own here ;)


Doesn't this one look funny with his little grey beard!


I am looking forward to shooting some HDR again this winter. You know, that crazy surreal style I like.

This one I shot from the back of a boat in Bali, 2016

For anyone who didn't see the end result of the UK film job I mentioned, knock yourself out. Seven months of pain condensed into just a few mins ;)

Despite the vague satisfaction gained from watching it again after one year away from it, I am immensely happy to say I will never again have to endure this kind of job because I invested around 90% of what I earned into crypto.

And now that I can see with clarity how important that was for my little family (and anyone who joins us here!) it is easy for me to pick up the camera again without associating it with the heavy feeling attached to the job.

The land I want here in France is getting closer...

Love & Light everyone ๐ŸŒฑ


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Great photographs Sam. Those puppies are adorable - as is your lovely daughter.

Hey bro. Much appreciated ;)

Am loving being back outdoors with this camera again!

Luna's smile in that first photo is so beautiful, it looks three dimensional! ๐Ÿ˜

As for work, the first article of the Italian Constitution reads, "Italy is a Republic founded on work." Honestly I would have preferred it to be founded on happiness and love, but that's okay!

A huge hug!

Yes, the smile is captivating isn't it. A perfect reminder why cameras are important! Some smiles are worth remembering ;)

I totally agree, Sam! ๐Ÿ‘
Some days ago I pulled out of the closet an EOS 450D that hadn't been used for years, because "it's more practical to shoot with a cell phone": the difference in results is abysmal! ๐Ÿ˜‚


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Thank you @amico.sports :)

And @beerlover :)

The brewer is handing out rivers of beer backlog...hehehehh!

@samstonehill, I've been meaning to change cameras: what would you recommend I buy? (I now own a Canon EOS 450D)

I wish I was still 'in the game' and could give you up-to-date advice but that is very much not the case. I am still using a 5Dmkii which is basically an antique! I also had a 7D for a while which seemed like a decent low budged equivalent, but like I said it's been a while and there are likely many other options now. Mostly I would say it is about the lens. You can't get a good shot from a bad lens on a great camera but you can get a good shot from a bad camera with a great lens. My number one lens is a 24mm f1.4 which has a beautiful depth of field. Sadly mine has been broken since a certain baby dropped it from a balcony in Bali ;)

OMG, a lens balcony jump! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm using this zoom and I find it practical.


Only I have doubts about image stabilisation on photos: in my opinion, it doesn't do any good!

Zooms are practical but the best lenses are primes. These permit lower f numbers and more depth of field. Your image stabiliser should be very helpful to you as a photographer. Perhaps it needs repair? This can happen when the lenses get old.

Wow! This is a wonderful camera! There is so much warmth in these photos; so alive and real.
I hope you would use this camera a bit more often just for fun. LoL

The warmth was added using software ;)

I am just about to run outside now while it is still dark and photograph the stars with a long exposure. Because I can with this camera! Yay!

Lucky you! Your camera must be quite stunning. Hope there are many stars in the sky!!

Have fun!

I love having a good camera! People say why bother when you can use your phone, but for reasons you state, its worth it.

In truth it was an enjoyable break just using devices which are not primarily cameras. Life is certainly simpler when you just pull something out of your pocket and snap! But a year was quite long enough and I was starting to miss the artistic flexibility of a DSLR. Now for some snow to photograph.... Ohhhh I can't wait!!!

Yes but on the contrary, taking out a camera and not a personal management device is also refreshing... xx

I enjoyed your photographs Sam - of your daughter and the puppies

Am pleased you enjoyed. There will be more after the weekend ;) x

Looking forward to them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Wow, beautiful shots <3
I really miss my good old Canon. I left it in Germany, because I cannot charge it in the van. It's quite old, but I loved to take photos with it!

I am sure you will find another at some point. Mine is pretty old too.

Yeah! Your professional camera is back with you along with it! Such lovely subjects to bring you back! Looking forward to seeing more from you and your camera in the future!

I was out again today, this time with Esteban, shooting a bunch more ;)

And am loving it!

Great photos

All that time doing posts about the solar farm you never seemed down

You are a vey positive guy, and that is inspirational to see

Life is never perfect I suppose but I do seem to have a knack for being able to focus exclusively on the good stuff no matter what is happening. So, often I am not even aware of how testing something is until some time later, when viewed from a distant perspective. And yes, this job pushed me to my limits. But I'm not going to waste my time listing the numerous reasons why ;)

Too much awesome stuff to be getting on with!

All the best to you my friend.


Hey @cuddlekitten. Today is a good day to smile. BTC over 20K :)


There are some incredible shots here. I'm glad you got your camera back out. I especially like the one of the puppies, and the seascape towards the end. I hope you feel inspired to shoot more pictures. I really enjoyed them.

I feel a bit bad now for not commenting on your post which I read an hour ago! I did at least follow you, which I guess you noticed ;)

Yes, it's feels great to be behind the camera for all the right reasons again!

Plenty more to come...

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Appreciated :)

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