Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 36

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Hi everyone! It is that time again...Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 36! Gather around the Insect Pub to see butterflies and other insects from around the world, and to make new friends. Post your butterfly and other insect photos, or art work for a chance to win SBI shares. A minimum of 2-SBI will be given away; 1-SBI for photos and 1-SBI for art work. If no art work is submitted, then 2-SBI will be given for photos. Depending on how many entries there are, I might be able to give away more. Entries will not be judged and winners are chosen at random. You have 6 days for entries in this post and then a new one will begin. Thanks so much for all of your photos and art work which I continue to enjoy.

Thanks to our friend @chromiumone the prizes for the winners are worth much more. He is going to match each winner with 5 MORE SBI shares which means that each winner will get a total of 6-SBI shares! Please give @chromiumone some love! There are 4 winners for Week 35 and they are: @arnaudt, @ultratrain, @hangin, @annephilbrick. Congratulations!

PLEASE READ! Next Thursday is Thanksgiving so I will not have this Giveaway because I will be spending time with my family during the holiday. But I will post the winners for Week 36 next week and this Giveaway will continue on Thursday, December 5th.

Here are the rules for the Giveaway.

1-One submission per person per week.
2-All photos and art work must be your own work. Photos and art work from the internet will not be accepted.
3-Make your own butterfly or insect post and use one of these tags: #butterflyday or #insectpub.
4-IMPORTANT! To be entered in the giveaway you MUST put the link to your post in the comments below.
5-Upvotes to this post are not necessary but would be greatly appreciated, and might allow me to give away more prizes.

I am looking forward to seeing your butterfly and other insects!

Here are my photos for today of the American Dagger Moth and Caterpillar.

This spiky caterpillar is the larvae of the American Dagger Moth (Acronicta americana). A young caterpillar has yellow bristles and the older caterpillar has pale yellow or white bristles.

It s approximately 2 inches long and is one of those caterpillars that you do not want to touch. There are 4 long bunches of black bristles; 2 near the head and midsection, and the 5th bunch of long black bristles is at the rear. If you touch them the toxic bristles break off and get stuck in your skin, giving you a stinging feeling. It will then burn and itch and can turn into a rash.

Yay! I captured its face!

These caterpillars feed on many different leaves of trees with their favorite being birch and maple leaves.

What emerges from this caterpillar's cocoon? The American Dagger Moth (Acronicta americana). It is over 2 inches long with an approximate wingspan of 2 inches, and is the largest of the Dagger Moths.

I found this big grey blob moving in the grass in my backyard. I had no idea what it was at first and it was crawling pretty fast.

Next thing I see are the legs.

I laid on the ground on saw 2 eyes looking at me. What the hell?

Out pops the wings!

It then crawled on the cement wall to the walkway holding its wings out as if to dry them. I think this a newly emerged moth.

The wings are closed.

I am standing over top of it and I captured its face. Yay!

After I got this photo it flew away.

What an experience to watch this moth unfold before my very eyes. You just never know what may be lurking in your yard.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. It was a dreary, windy day and the moth was moving fast.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

Information Source:

This pretty butterfly gif is brought to you by @brisby. Thank you!

Proof of transfer.

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My dear friend,
You outdid yourself this time. I can't believe the moth photos. I've never seen anything like that before, and I grew up in the country! Joseph Banks move over.
Great blog. Resteeming.

Shared on Twitter:

HaHa! Not even close to Sir Joseph Banks but thanks just the same. : )
I love my backyard because I have many insect visitors so I keep my eye out for them. I am sure you have seen many interesting ones while living in the country.
Thanks so much for resteeming and sharing this on Twitter. I sure do appreciate it and you! Hugs!


Nice @whatisnew !! Totally cool catching an emerging moth. Nice looking moth too.
Congratulations @arnaudt, @ultratrain, @hangin, @annephilbrick.
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Also a !DERANGED for @whatisnew =)

Thanks @chromiumone and thanks for your generosity. : ) Hugs!

Thank You !!

Your welcome @annephibrick keep up the good work =)

😊 !!!

Wow! How cool was that! I've never seen one emerge in real life. Nor have I ever seen one of these caterpillers. Did know about fuzzy/spiky ones being poisonous, so don't touch those.

Hi @goldenoakfarm! I am so happy that you enjoyed it and that I could show you something new. Thanks once again for your support. : )

Saludos. Mucho trabajo en la toma de sus fotos a la polilla. Pero se ve genial. La oruga merece mis respetos pero no la quiero cerca. Da miedo.
Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores. Fotos hermosas.

Hola @gertu! Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras y apoyo. : )

That was interesting to see a moth walking like that. Very nice share. Here is my insect for this week.

Thanks @sunscape and thanks for your entry! : )

You are very welcome it is my pleasure.

Beautiful photography

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Thanks so much @shuvo35! : )

I have seen the caterpillar before but never knew what the moth looked like. Here's this weeks entry

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Well now you do. LOL! Thanks for your entry @sketch.and.jam! : )

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That is so nice of you. Thank you @trufflepig! : )

deranged You just received DERANGED @whatisnew Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

Thank you!

Hello Dear @whatisnew! You definitely have all kinds of caterpillars in your neighborhood, lol. Considering, this one like maple leaves and birch we should have it too. But I haven't seen one! Maybe if I go deeper in the woods I would find it. Great shots!

Here is something from my summer bug collection 🌸😊🌸

Hi Lena! Good luck finding your caterpillars and thanks for your entry! : )

Hello Dear @whatisnew! If everything works out well, I will be in Slovakia next spring, so I may have more chances to find some there. My sister has a garden. You are most welcome and thank you 🐛😊🐛

Hi Lena! That is great that you will be visiting your sister. Something exciting to look forward to and I am happy for you. : )

Awwwwwwwww, thank you so much my Dear, you are very sweet. Yes, it is very exiting 😍

Hi @chromiumone! Thanks for your entry. : )

What a wonderful selection of shots I even entered this contest this week

Thanks @tattoodjay! Good to see you here and thanks for your entry. : )

My Pleasure to join and I have more shots to join at least one more time ;)

Hi @paradigm42! Nice to see you and thanks for your entry. : )

It is not only amazing that you got photos of the moth but also that you spotted it in the grass right when it was emerging! Great series of photos @whatisnew! Here is my post this week for #butterflyday :

Thanks @deerjay! I was shocked that I found it too. Thanks for your entry! : )

You are very welcome! I'm glad you did and got these photos! I never would've guessed that was blob a moth. 🤨 🙂

Thank you ! Unfortunately I will not be able to create an artwork for this week but will be keeping up on the next one ! Take care,
Arnaudt :)

No problem at all. Good things come to those who wait. : )

Hello... here my post...
Hope you like it!!

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Hi @tahiaarq! Nice to see you here and thanks for your entry! : )

That's really interesting Butterfly! I would have killed it before it sprouted wings so you did good in waiting to figure out what it was! Great job on the contest.

I think Jack would have gotten to it before you. LOL!
Thank you always for your support Jonboy! : )

Yeah Jack would have had a nice snack, he's very quick. Hey I heard that much of the North has storms coming in, does that include you?

Thank you @whatisnew for choosing my post as one of the winners last week very much appreciated and congrats to all the other is my entry for week #36

The Thousand Legs Millipede !!


My pleasure @hangin! Thanks for your entry. : )