Butterflyday - Brimstone

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Can you see me?


The yellow-greenish butterfly that mimic leaves is called common brimstone. It is characterized with its leaf shaped wings with veins and it is very much undetectible. To protect itself from the predators the butterfly can hide the legs to reduce the chance to be recognized. Its larvae alao is mimicing the environment and hardly can be spotted.



The brimstone can be found across Europe, Asia and North Africa. This butterfly can live up to one year. In winter the brimstone hibernates and emerges in April to reproduce and lay eggs. It is mobile and migrates in different areas during its life cycle. During the mating season it can be found in wetlands. In winter the butterfly moves to woodlands to hibernate.

Source of imformation - Wikipedea


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That’s another pretty and interesting butterfly!

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Thank you. I was lucky to spot it, it was disguised very well.

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Lovely green butterflies! These are very rare!

Thanks for stopping by.
I think they are quite common in my country. But hard to notice.

What an incredible butterfly @nelinoeva and great info on it. I have never seen this one before so thanks for sharing this. Love it! : )

I never thought I will be able to see so many different butterflies around me. But it is amazing what one can see if one looks carefully. 😀

Exactly! Everyone is in a hurry and they need to "stop and smell the roses." They can't see anything if they don't look.

Cool!! That is a very interesting butterfly Neli!! In the last photo it reminds me of a cabbage leaf. 💖

Indeed Dee, I did not think about it, but it looks like cabbage leaf. 😀

It does look like a leaf! How cool : )

Thanks, I was lucky to spot it.

WOW...How beautiful and well camouflaged they are have never seen those ones :)

Long time ago I saw a moth with military camouflage pattern. Looked very strange. I hope to spot it again and to photograph it.

Now that would be different hopefully you do see it again love to see a photo of that one :)