The B-52 Bomber Moth !!

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Another hot scorching day in Bangkok today but as the afternoon approaches so does the monsoon storm bringing thunder , lighting and rain i decide to open my balcony sliding door to let some of that cool fresh air in and before i could pull the screen doors across a huge Moth invited itself in escaping the rain well i wasn't going to argue with him as it looked like a B-52 Bomber and i love these bombers so i just let it be i don't mind Moth's at least they find a spot to land and basically just hang there till they decide to leave.


Moths are a polyphyletic group of insects that includes all members of the order Lepidoptera that are not butterflies.They are closely related to butterflies, which evolved from them. They also have wings, just like butterflies. Most species of moths are active only at night well this one was. They can be distinguished apart from butterflies in several ways. Moth antenna look like little feathers, and their wings are held flat on their backs when they are not flying.


Can you believe that their are approximately 160,000 species of moth, many of which have yet to be described that is a hell of a lot of Moth's getting around but they a amazing species to look at.


This other species of Moth here i saw on my way home from work one afternoon he was walking up a brick wall fence and i just happen to snap a shot of him just before he disappeared over to the other side of the brick fence.



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WoW! Amazing Moths, Those insects look absolutely massive $trdo √

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Thank you @andy4475 and @trendotoken 👍

Thank you they were some of the biggest i have seen especially the first one 🦋

It's a sphinx moth of some kind. And the bottom one is a butterfly, take a look at the antennae

Thanks for the info nice to know...Cheers 🦋

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Thank you my friend 🦋

Really cool moth! And great information with it. This would be a great STEM post, you can always use the Stem Tag to earn stem tokens. Thanks for sharing with us!

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Thank you @balticbadger my pleasure can i use that Stem tag with any post ??

Only relating to Science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. 👍🏻

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Definitely looks military grade.

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Haha...yep it fits the 🦋

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Love your macro photography

Thank you my friend.

Very nice find of Daphnis nerii. The moth has a pronounced pattern on the upper wing surface. I also like your description and the explanation of the characteristics of a moth. Basically, butterflies differ from moths by their antennae. In butterflies these are always piston-shaped. With the moths only the antennae of the females are thread-shaped. The males have fanned antennae because they have to smell the female with them.

Many greetings from Germany 🦋

Thank you @faltermann for your input of info nice to know that and thanks for dropping by ...Cheers 👍

What you have there is a sphynx moth and a mighty fine one. It was so nice of you to let him in to escape the rain. LOL! When people think of moths the first thing that comes to mind are the small, drab looking ones. I wonder if they even know how beautiful some moths are. The two you have here are perfect examples. It was a pleasure to see these. Thanks for using #butterflyday tag @hangin. : )

Thanks for that info and you are right i find Moths very beautiful indeed and i let him or her stay the night he or her was quite happy to move on the next 🙂

Would you say the second one is a moth also i wasn't sure because of it's antennas but it has a big body ??

Son hermosas sus polillas. Me encantó sus colores. Pero la armadura de la primera impresiona. Saludos.

Thank you @gertu 🙂

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Thanks guys 👍