What Happens If You Remove DownVotes...

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This is one of their whale accounts doing pretty much what Traf does, but being more honest about it. Of course, nothing can stop him. They don't have downvotes.

If you have been around long enough you probably remember when the Whaleshares group went off to make their own fortune. They powered down their Steem accounts, made a clone and they were going to show us how it is done!


They have a pretty nice looking site, nothing beautiful.. but reasonable.

I was never able to get signed up and logged in because frankly, I am not a fan of Bitshares, but the signup process was ridiculous. I wasn't very sad about it, cause I figured it wouldn't go that well.

I heard they removed Downvotes from their economic system because... They make people feel bad.

I have good news... No one there is sad due to flags anymore.

In fact, no one is there at all anymore.

The value of a whaleshares is less than 1 bitshare.

What is one Bitshare worth?

Just food for thought.

Are you really sure you want to eliminate downvotes?


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It was a generous move for them to go there, create that, show us all how to screw up — so we don't have to.

I avoided all of the knockoff sites. Most folks simply double-posted their content from here, so there was no reason to go there anyway.


Downvotes should be here, but without those crazy ammo! I don't think @traf or @trafalgar is doing wrong! For me it's his investment and he got more than what we have! So we feel "that's not fair enough", but again it's his investment and he is utilizing it in a nice way! So I don't think he deserve a flag! Hope you might not get angry with my viewpoint!


Nope not angry. I think the stakeholder have a right to upvote or downvote what they think ads value.

I'm not angry with him. I just don't think he ads any value and infact I think he demoralizes the community with his shit posts. In my opinion that is worthy of a downvote, but not anger and although I don't really respect it, in no way do I think it makes him evil.

Possibly short sited and dumb though.

Nope not angry.

Actually, I sometimes tend to getting angry, because some stakeholders not only devalue their own stake but also mine ... But on the other side I came here voluntarily, nobody forced me to invest in STEEM, so I shouldn't blame anybody else than I myself. :)

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Basically you are saying that if downvotes disappear Steemit will also disappear because of that?

I’m still on whaleshares 😂🤣😅

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Sorry to hear it! :)

Hey now! It’s free to do 😂😂

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Flag 'em all!

I lost fba on bitshares,...🙁

....he who laughs last laughs best.

Most of the people I have run into today are crying, so anyone laughing is having a better time here than they are elsewhere.

Even better.

Their new inflation system is something like 70% goes to stakeholders and 15% goes to author reward pool. Not sure what the remaining 15% is for. Maybe witnesses?

haha, that's crazy. I've been hearing ours talk about routing all rewards through SPS. lol.

DPOS creates some interesting challenges in a downward market.

At first I was a bit resentful that I couldn't seem to get myself a bitshares account in order to get a whaleshares account set up. Now I'm feeling a bit of schadenfreude at the idea that it seems to be failing...

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I'm not against but I think that your expectations that downvotes will save this ship are way too high.

We'll see who's right.

There is no silver bullet. Downvotes are just one tool that we need to protect.

I don't think they will save the platform. :)


They will be the first blockchain to close down I predict.

haha, I bet there are others. But yeah... wonder how their witnesses are doing.

Going to 0 by the looks of it. What a strange idea to remove the only mechanism to financially re-evaluate content.

Steem is heading in the right direction but there is no map to follow and so I guess it's going to take a bit of trial and error.

Oh yeah, it will probably be worth it at some point, but I do expect it is going to be messy for a bit.


Haha, drama meter, I love it 😂

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I have been wanting to see how it looks when they removed downvotes but I could never pull myself to do it. Thanks for taking one for the team and having a look.


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Surely a tough market out there! This is why I still think we are undervalued as our passion as a community keeps us going despite the drama!

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Very interesting perspective.... I see you brought out the ever articulate, gracious and diplomatic hisself for a demonstration of greatness.
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At least my comments are botted! ;-)
Was a joke response to these "account preservation posts"...

PS, ref:

The value of a whaleshares is less than 1 bitshare

1 WLS is currently worth 0.0876 BTS ... (1/12th of a BTS)

PS2, on Aug. 15th, "HF3" happened on Whaleshares.

  • now you can create a new account (provided you have one already) from https://wallet.whaleshares.io/ (at the cost of 10 WLS + an extra depending on how short the account name is); so that's OK
  • but the blockchain software whaled is now closed source, so the witnesses can't / won't even evaluate its code...

but the blockchain software whaled is now closed source, so the witnesses can't / won't even evaluate its code


Sounds interesting

Yeah, eliminating downvotes completely destroys the "Value Creation" system which is vital to the creation of a blockchain social media community. This is one of the key issues with Gab as well, downvotes are purely aesthetic in nature, so there is no community moderation of crap on the platform. However, encouraging downvotes for downvoting's sake, as many post I've seen recently do, is also a horrendous idea, which nullifies the value creation system. Downvoting should only be used as a form of community, i.e. value, moderation, not opinion declaration.

While I hear what you are saying and I agree we can not control someone else's idea of a valid downvote. So, we will have to accept some of them are dumb.

Oh yes, there is no way to control how people vote. Never has been and never will, or should, be either. However, you can determine how someone votes by how the feature is marketed. Which would go counter to the slew of posts I've seen recently saying something to the effect of:

Here's how to get you ready to downvote far more often: First, go find a post, then downvote it, then leave a comment explaining why you don't like it.

See the issue here? Instead of saying, downvote crap posts which add no value, it's downvote posts you don't like... Something can be a very articulate and detailed post, but could get downvoted simply because people didn't agree with what was written. Marketing of this new feature is key if it is going to succeed. And so far, the marketing has been very lackluster...

What is this word... "marketing"

That you speak of.

Yeah, I've been trying to get some of those who pushed for HF21 to get out there and set expectations. Nope they don't think they have to I guess.

Marketing: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service (Merriam-Webster) ;)

Lol, well this was one of those that was pushing for HF21, and he's one of those advocating this (incredibly stupid and destructive) position. I guess it's easy to promote an idea when you don't actually look into the fundamentals of it. I'd leave the author's post, but I'm honestly tired of having said author(s) reply back with nasty comments because someone criticized them.

There is a purpose for downvotes. Not to be used as liberally as @whatsup would like, but still are useful. If someone got unfairly downvoted, I would love to see support from the powerful (in the form of upvotes preferably).

I fully agree with this! Our stakeholders and users should try to offset unreasonable downvotes.

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you always confuse two issues. Downvoting for opinion by an overzealous whale which I disagree with and always have.

^ that being an issue does not nullify our need to fight those who are over rewarded and not adding value.

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Whatever it takes l love steemit so much.

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I'm still there

Dear God,

Please Give 1000000 steem to whatsup account and remove flags and downvotes.

Amen 🙏

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On the day we no longer have downvotes, the whatsup account will hold 0 steem.

Are you holding them to downvote people?

Please inform me not to comment on your posts.

“Bidesign you don’t understand from this job and fed up with your stupid comments. Please don’t write on my posts and don’t waste my time”

No, I like comments. I just don't like scammers. If I have invested time and energy into this, I just don't have the willingness to watch a bunch of idiots steal the rewards because some whiners are too sad to accept the occasional flag.

There is also a clone called bearshares.
!giphy zombie

How do you use so many tags here?🤔

Steempeak allows 10 tags and some other frontends offer more than 5.

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You think the reason I have been publishing account preservation posts is due to the fact that Whaleshares has removed downvotes? You don't have a clue what's going on and why I have done that for the past 3 months, long before they removed flagging.

I'm quite surprised at you @whatsup, normally you do your homework before wading in and jumping to erroneous conclusions. You should have asked me why I publish those posts and I would have gladly explained. There is a long history that brought me to where I am on Whaleshares at this moment.

Or perhaps this is about something else and you are simply using me to attack Whaleshares. I sincerely hope that's not the case.

You don't have a clue what's going on and why I have done that for the past 3 months, long before they removed flagging.

Well...why have you been doing it? You forgot to mention that.

Yes please do tell, I think we all are curious.

My interpretation is that she isn't saying that you create those posts because there are no downvotes... but that you probably wouldn't create those posts if downvotes were a feature.

Exactly, he completely missed it.

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Gee, I just can't imagine why things didn't go well over there. :)

Anyway, good to see you.

lol... I think we are obviously misunderstanding each other.

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yeah things haven't been going well for us either. Although, it hard to compare the two.

I didn't downvote any of this.. I wouldn't have. I upvoted your first nasty comment up. I think you should be able to reveal your character by the way you conduct yourself.

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Now, now...

The point is... if the community disagreed after the flags were removed.. they wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING. We are having a similar issue, which I pointed out in my post.

Resorting to name-calling and personal attacks isn't becoming of who I thought you were.

Rather than setting the record straight a full up melt down...


Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Do you have any sense of embarrassment? You're not very adept at backtracking are you?! I would suggest you stop digging that hole even more, you look pathetic enough already.

Lol!!!! You can flag. But you can't hide. Idiot.

yeah, sorry it got flagged. I wanted everyone to see how you "Set the record straight and defended your honor and the honor of your project. ;)

Now you just sound like a jibbering idiot, and you're making no sense. Feel free to upvote any of my comments to unflag.

Look, you can call names, act like a bully, yell insults... I don't care.

The post wasn't about you. Your post was just a screenshot I took.

If you want to take it all personally that's really not my problem. What I said is without flags there is nothing anyone can do about ugly shit like your posts. I did not speak to how and when they came about and why. I didn't speak to whether or not you are a good or a bad guy. We also have people here who self vote and who aren't flagged. If we remove flags we will never be able to address it.

We also have users who advocate for no flags. I was showing them what it looks like and how there is nothing you can do about it if you remove flags.

You can try to twist this to be some sort of personal attack on you, if you would like.

You can call me every name in the book.

I don't care. Anyway, you've made my point in many ways.

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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Whaleshares RIP
!giphy dead

Juicy drama I'm fresh outta tokens tho 👀

Dude, all the luck to you on Whaleshares but you know youre doing these posts only to reduce the loss from the price drop. WLS has dropped far under 1 bts. Those posts right now earn you a whopping 20 cents.
The guys running the platform screwed you. Theyre incompetent and fear the open market. They want to hide in their corner of Bitshares.

Your stake right now is worth about 500 USD. How many thousands of dollars have you spent at the start? 5000$? 10 000$?
There is no salvaging any of that and there is no money left for them to list WLS on any exchange.

Whaleshares is dead and its the "separatist" mentality that killed it along with the people in charge hiding from the open market. .

I can assure you I spent nowhere near thousands of dollars. The vast majority of my stake in Whaleshares is something I earned through hard work and pure effort. Unlike many of the core team who were handed their wealth on a plate for doing very little.

I told you as much months ago. They fear the market. They screwed you and theyl keep their kumbaya until wls dies completely which it will.

What is their goal anyway? Whats the end game? What do they want to achieve?

Theyre nice folks but they are lost.

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In no way was I representing what your motive is... I was representing what the impact is...

You post that crap and no one can do anything about it.

I have no feelings good or bad about Whaleshares. It just is... what it is..

Hard to get a sign up for... no downvotes and I guess the inflation is now being routed through the stakeholders as well.

You don't have a clue. Stay out of things you know nothing about. Idiot.


Well !!! that was a bit more juicy than I foresaw... 👀

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no kidding. :) I must have hit a sensitive spot.

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