The Worst Thing A Writer Can Do Is Make a List! - I Present a List

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So, of course, I've made a list.

Lists always make people mad... Either they wanted to be on the list or they didn't want to be on the list...

Hardly anyone says... I don't care about the list.


Your Top 30 Authors by payout last 30 days!

1 haejin $3,437.788
2 coldsiksu $1,835.176
3 traf $1,589.967
4 majes.tytyty $1,436.376
5 gooddream $1,353.580
6 steemcleaners $1,277.187
7 angelinafx $1,272.109
8 zer0hedge $1,184.907
9 deathcross $1,180.559
10 banglatech $962.087
11 creativecrypto $951.971
12 hatu $872.293
13 ronaldoavelino $869.920
14 jrcornel $850.667
15 donekim $750.367
16 onepercentbetter $705.510
17 oendertuerk $689.912
18 slowwalker $663.086
19 ocd $660.417
20 raindrop $659.417
21 chbartist $659.372
22 flamingirl $653.455
23 zzings $640.219
24 firepower $639.517
25 htliao $637.292
26 tarazkp $622.214
27 abitcoinskeptic $590.693
28 etherpunk $589.124
29 discernente $565.003
30 me-tarzan $561.813

Are you surprised?


Think it is the best use of inflation? By no means am I saying it's not, I mean how could I justify that answer?

If it is all about Freedom of Stake, it is perfectly and fairly earned stake.

I have mixed feelings....



They earn their stake, and we earned few yeah very few $$$ when comparing to them! I also having mixed feeling, but it's again their stake and that's how they utilized it!


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I can honestly say that I haven't read a single post by any of those authors in at least the last 30 days. But I'm pretty sure they don't care about how many people actually read their posts.

@abitcoinskeptic is worth a look. Varied posts and most of them genuinely interesting (he is Korean and he visits many historical sites takes great photos and provides context and history). Despite his steem handle most of his posts aren't crypto related...

Thanks for the shout out (I'm Canadian, I just lived in Korea for a really long time). I actually try to post and probably spend too much time doing it.
I follow around 5 of these authors and consistently like the content of tarazkp and slowwalker. Slowwalker doesn't really engage people on that account, but I like his pictures of Korean temples and nature (maybe his posts seem extremely high, but he is now a whale and I think organic).

I'm only on that list because I use bidbots. 590 a week sort of looks bad, but I don't make anything near that and if we look at Steem as a mooney making thing (especially at this stage and these prices), it just doesn't make any sense to be Steeming.

My average weekly earnings are about 75 Steem and I've been counting since I started posting every day in January 2019. That 16.28 SBD or 13.16 USD a week. I probably spend at least 90 minutes average per post when I include research, photos, writing, editing, responding to comments. That's around 9 hours a week or less than 2 dollars an hour. I can easily do freelance work (that I enjoy) for around 40 dollars an hour.

If I consider I paid around 3000 dollars for my Steem and I engage others too, it gets worse. Obviously, I'm not writing posts for the money. I could make more money collecting cans and bottles, lol.

I know some of the community doesn't like it, but I'll follow the consensus and the consensus obviously supports it if there isn't abuse. Last I heard @theycallmedan was saying he won't target posts less than 200SBD after HF21.
OCD and is great. and I like OCDB the best and hope it gets a lot more stake after HF21 or at least some copy cat bots with different caps or metrics or whatever. I wouldn't miss most of the other bots. However, the new ones that eat up scot-tokens and vote for Steem are an interesting concept. Thinking how Steem would work if everyone just got 10 cents a post in an interesting concept.

Him and tarazkp are the only ones I read that are up there just cause of ocdb. It's pretty sad that not many more authors use it which would mean the max bid would be lowered and it wouldn't have this big effect on the top author payouts. I'm hoping demand and interest will increase with HF21.

Other than that I recommend checking out the OCD compilation posts, all of the rewards go towards the curators who find the posts.

Thanks, I've never fully figured out what OCD is.

The post rewards are basically an incentive to find overlooked and good authors of most genres of content. On a daily basis they nominate posts they find, the curators vote from within discord which posts should be featured onto the daily compilation post (some standards and rules), then they get posted with short descriptions and links. The curators get 1 of OCD's daily votes on the comp post where as the rest of the daily votes go to the posts they found.

So basically follow @ocd and open up the posts and you'll find curated content that deserves the votes you're willing to give, the short descriptions help letting you know if there's content you might be genuinely interested in to read more and possibly follow that author which we usually focus on being new but not easy to do with the times.

Lately we've been lacking authors to curate though (no surprises there with current price) so we're looking to adapt a bit and with the coming changes in HF21 it's a good time to take a short break, see what else we can do to help Steem and focus on that until we can go back to fully curating again. Will be posting about some of the changes :soon:.

Didn't mean to turn this into promo. :P

OCD? oh that's right another list i'm not on. conspirators everywhere lol.

You mean ocdb? Also you don't post, also you're not called Michael

yes x 3. lol. That other dude is probably loaded from all the gifts that where meant for me ;)

I actually agree. He is great and I enjoy him as well, I also often read and enjoy Tarazkp who loves to write and also engages with others.

A number of them don’t really write anything. Lol

WTF how come i'm not on the list? List must be wrong! lol

Welcome to the club,...

Vote even harder!

I made it onto a list!! :D

@Raindrop is "organic" - it is a sweetsssj alt. =D

About 70-80% of mine (will have to do the math one day) is organic support. The rest is @ocdb.

What is the best use of inflation? Eventually it will likely be to reward investors of various kinds who support the stability of the chain, with content producers earning on SMTs, but that is likely some way off.

Raindrop is Traf... maybe Traf is sweetssssssssssssj 👀

Ah.. @twinkledrop is the one I was thinking.... Follow that rabbit hole of accounts

Ah, I thought it was one of the 10 sweettsssj ones, I must be confused... So many of them to remember

I always knew that @haejin and @traf are by far the best authors within STEEM, and your list completely confirmed my opinion.
And now, as you mention him, I just checked @coldsiksu and can't help but deeply admire his extensive, elaborated posts about ... about ... whatever, he clearly is also one of the best authors I have ever read.

I had never seen it before... So I looked just now... that's hilarious.

😂😂😂 Cmon. How can anyone say that Steem is not a joke when they look at this.
How people can easily take a great concept and perverse it into a pay yourself scam where the community is afraid to speak up or take action not to lose the scraps they get.

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Yeah there is truth in that.

I guess I'm trying to get people to think about exactly where the inflation is going.

We can blame authors or blame stakeholders, but I don't see many putting out data....

Where are we bleeding... not all of these accounts are suckers at least 2 of them are in my list of people I enjoy. But 2 out of 30 is low.

We need to focus and identify how to pin point those who should be targets after hf21

Who is to blame is obvious. Stakeholders are almost exclusively to blame. Their actions inform the community behavior.
I mean i wrote about it few days ago.

The question is will the community ever revolt against fuckers like the guys on this list.
I think they wont. People just arent brave and/or dont give a damn.

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I’m gonna say don’t give a damn. Most want someone else to use their SP on them.

They will bitch at you when you can’t even hit 10% of their earnings. Best part, those who complain the loudest usually have no stake in the game.

could they stimulate the economy... Yes.

Do they... Some do, some don't.

Do they have to? Nope the idea of DPOS is that the largest stakeholder make the decisions.

Because they have the most to win or lose. I totally agree with that concept....

But in no way does it make them good at it. Mining a token with broken instructions is a cool skill.

It just has nothing to do with being able to build and sustain an organization that does anything.

So, it isn't about being evil or good... It is about a skill set that they frankly don't seem to have.

It is about a skill set that they frankly don't seem to have.

Or they view Steem as just that, a fund printing machine for other ventures.

I wouldn't say Haejin has zero kills. He doesn't care about Steem. He's more concerned about the value he could extract here for his other projects.

It's been along time since I've seen a haejin post, I could've swear he was powering down! Do another of these list for the first 4 weeks after hf21 to see what changes! Really hoping to see some top players stop the execissive self voting with the new incentives!

He always powers down but his whale account Ranchorelaxo does not. Haejin is also in the group of people who transfers the most steem out per month

Some of these names are familiar...some others not. And while Haegin’s earnings are “organic” most of the others use way too many bid bots. Their earnings are 1/10 th of that if not less.

Bottom line is that: A) imagine that cery same list without the use of bid bots

B) Definitely the worst use of inflation

I don't really call getting upvotes by your very own whale on all your posts 'organic' LOL

By my very own whale?

Who are you again?

Well unless you are haejiin .. you likely don't have your very own whale.
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Yeah interesting points. Stakeholders blame the authors, or steemit inc. The authors blame stakeholders or steemit inc.

I'm saying good and bad actors come in all the categories and there are a few good guys on the list as well.

For those who don't know, you can get this list in near-real-time (only a few hours delayed) at

Keep in mind there is a lot of differences between some of these authors. Some get there without any bots and are 100% profit (i.e. Haejin, Traf, Steemcleaners, raindrop, and others), some heavily use bid bots (most people fall in this category).

Although there are a lot of the same names on the list, the list varies quite a bit daily. Some go in spurts, others are systematic and are near 100% consistent.

Most of them are posting pointless dribble but rarely ever get downvoted.

Usesteem will show the top 500 authors updated every 8-12 hours.

Where is your name in this list? Though your votes are organic, you are obviously one of the top 100 authors in the world on steem.

Actually, by "Earnings" I do not make the top 500.

Now Please make a list on how much these account values have gone down over the last 30 days lol.

Haha ^^^ This is a great point.

At our top price my own account was worth $94,000. Not it is worth 3k ish. I have more steem now than I did back then.

I don't know when it will dawn on the some large stakeholder that stacking tokens isn't bringing them value

Wow, that is a big difference, but you only have 7.982 SBD in your wallet. I do not think it will ever dawn on any of the large stake accounts what they are actually doing to themselves and I do not think it matters anymore. Good users will eventually overtake the bad users.

If it is all about Freedom of Stake, it is perfectly and fairly earned stake

Not if it's a crappy post, that'd be called being two faced, demanding of others what you don't demand from yourself.

I've always been for encouraging people to create social circles over "Quality Content". I do get the point you are making though.

It's a question regarding is Steem about the content or is it about the currency and stake wins no matter what.


If it isn't about the content or social side at all... I am not sure who it will appeal to.. watching the whales self upvote their own shit is pretty boring.

It's sort of obvious that stake wins at all cost, even to those committed to producing quality content because in the end it all effects the reward pool. There's so many follies involved it's hard to discern the difference sometimes, even some who write quality content have a sock who isn' there's that.

Herein lies the problem over the long run though and that's cutting into the rewards earned to try and get a handle on one problem while simultaneously ignoring the same problem from some because they hold stake....and by doing so it will serve to engorge the other half engaged in the same behavior. In all due honestly I don't see any legal argument for that being the answer. The problem is they have been making their own rules unregulated for the last couple years and getting away with it that it has embolden them to think they can continue on this path. Eventually it's going to catch up to them, maybe this hardfolk 21 will serve as the much needed wake up call they will need because now according to yourself, as a dolphin, you are going to wake up practically worthless....though you may not do anything about it there may be plenty of others who finally will because those people also have significant weight in the game. One guy wrote that a post will now have to be worth sixteen steem, equivalent to a three dollar post to get their I don't know if that's true but lets just assume he is right. Now we aren't talking about one or two cents here we're talking about three bucks, name any company in this world where someone earns three bucks and someone else has a right to take that from just doesn't exist, if true it's pushing the boundaries. Just think about that for a minute....three bucks is almost half of the federal minimum wage in this country....they don't let restaurant owners or agricultural workers get shammed...if a waitress doesn't make the federal min. wage in tips the owner has to make up the rest, a farmer can pay per bushel picked but the amount that can be picked in a hour has to equal the federal min. wage. The point being if the owner of a restaurant or a farmer just says you are just plain shit out of luck because you didn't make min. wage that doesn't cut it....if they are cut by say three bucks that's taken seriously....yes three bucks is all it's takes for the feds to come down and say they worked for it, they earned it, now you have to give it to them. Even though this site is not an employer the fact still remains is those people made three bucks and someone else took it. It just doesn't work like that, you just can't say to people if you write you can earn then take it, it's as plain as the nose on one's face. If this is all true it surely is pushing the boundaries, given the stake involved this time and whom stands to lose quite a bit, it may just be the catalyst that will bring federal regulators down looking at the operation of the platform....and I highly doubt they are going to fall for "well some people paid in to abuse the platform while others didn't"....nah, that's not going to fly.

No one earned anything until it is in their wallet.

It works like this:

A post is open for 7 days. During that seven days, everyone is allowed to vote on the post.

they can upvote it, ignore it or downvote it. It becomes earning when it is in your wallet and at that point no one can touch it.

There are many places, auctions, futures, etc. That things work like this.

People not understanding the way it works doesn't change the way it works.

I'm not defending the way it has been used... Very poorly. I am defending the way it was designed.

Honestly the problems start way before that. The inability for small accounts to transact is a problem, the sign ups are a problem, the education and support is a problem.

You must think I am totally an idiot. In both the examples you give above the person is still left with something, it's not a total one hundred percent loss. I've watched some of those auction shows on television where they open the door and let people see from outside what they are bidding on. They don't keep the door closed, let everyone bid then open it to an empty stall. If all that guy says holds true then that is exactly what the platform intends to do, the seven day time frame will allow for the bidding process so to speak but at the end what's left standing someone's coming down and saying sorry charlie we've determined your earnings to be a total loss. Auctions and futures markets would collapse under a scenario like that...because no one in their right mind would run a risk like that. No money is not just yours when it hits your wallet, it is yours after you earn it. Period. You know how absurd that sounds....every employer in the nation could say I cancelled his paycheck before it hit his wallet or I stopped his direct deposit because it hadn't hit his wallet yet therefore the money really wasn't theirs.

I don't really care, at the most I'd quit posting if it was going to be a total lost considering the chances you'd get any responses to spur conversation/debate is likely not to happen either so what would be the use in that regard...but I would more than likely still comment to others post. I am just saying that in my opinion there is a limit that's going to effect those with more stake then a few pennies to lose that will end up being a catalyst for a whole lot of complaints being filed against them with the feds. If I was them, and I am not, I'd seriously think, if what this guy was saying about the three dollar limit is true, this one over as now they've reached the threshold of what is almost half of what the fed min. wage is....and though that's probably laughable to those at the corporate office three dollars would be taken quite seriously by the feds.

For me, it just shows that we can’t really live off this but also that we don’t need to be whales to make a great side hustle. It actually encourages me as distribution is improving and the long term will be better as Steem evolves. I wonder how this will look after Hard Fork 21 too! I can bet that the likes of a @tarazkp will be better given his great posts and curation efforts!

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Hopefully the declining value and time we have spent will encourage more downvoting, I remain unconvinced.

Is that the sound of a penny dropping, that I hear?

whatsup^........ ^Patriot

You'll be saying something is fundamentally flawed , next! lolol

I always like to stir the pot a bit now and then.


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Wtf lol ausbitbank is not bernie

yea for ausbitbank is downunder and it appears bernie is in the US ... hard to be one entity that way
or the ultimate definition of split personality?

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yeah... that's difficult to track, but I get the point.

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