The Intervention - Showcase Sunday

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THEM: Are you still doing that "Bitcoin" thing?

ME: Yes, It's called Steem.

THEM: Crypto is Dead, I saw on the news, Bitcoin was an interesting idea that failed. Get over it.

ME: It's not ded, it's resting.

THEM: See, you've even forgotten how to spell. Look, you are a professional you make six-figure salaries and your resume' is getting stale, you need to get back in the office, find some normies, meet some real-life people.

ME: I know real people, and besides I still have a "Normie Job".

THEM: How many people did you speak to today face-to-face?

ME: ehhh, one.

THEM: How much much money did you make today?

ME: What do you mean?

THEM: In Bitcoin, how much money did you actually earn today that you have access to and could spend?

ME: I don't know, maybe $1-$2 in Steem.

THEM: It's worse than we thought.

ME: Look, I can pay my Bills, I have some money and I think this is important work.

THEM: Stunned Looks of Disbelief.

ME: We are going to free the people from evil governments.

THEM: Now sobbing, "What has happened to you?"

ME: It's going to change how the world interacts with money, it's like the Internet, most people don't even understand how much it is going to change the world. Remember when you mocked me for taking the job with that little Internet Company?

THEM: This is not the same


THEM: How and When? You've been doing this for 2.5 years, how much have things changed? It's time for you to get your head out of the clouds and get back to business.

ME: Begins singing,

They tried to make me go to rehab
I said, "no, no, no"

This conversation never happened, or if it did I played both THEM and ME, and the conversation was only in my head.


Sidenote: I just got back from out of town and I will check with Crim and Julia on the judging for the Dudeior Contest.

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Not far from a real conversation with normies...
I had one on friday and I had to stop evangelizing the steem word...for the moment LOL

Yeah, it's totally true. Although this specific conversation didn't happen many like have happened.

Yeah, I can't in good faith suggest anyone should join the current version of Steem.

Only if you do not like them. lol

We are doing ok, it's just gonna take awhile to get over the kneecappening, and the ninjamine.
Once the whales finish dumping the price will rise like there was no tomorrow.
I hope that doesn't take very long, they only have so much steem.

nice. This showcases the insanity very eloquently..... Ive stopped talking about it at all (and Im glad that a couple of my friends I tried to convince in to investing ignored me as I would be FEEELING the pressure otherwise). All I know is for some reason I believe, and I keep on coming back regardless of low reward. Looking forward to the dudeoir ;p

Crim and Julie are in the process of judging!

lol, I've had a version of this conversation many times. We all know that look your friends or family give you like this look of concerned mixed with bewilderment.

Steemwilderment: A state of concern and confusion caused by involvement with Steem.

There, now we have a word for it.

Haha, Steemwiderment is awesome. :)

I'm going to use this word regularly, thank you very much 😂

STEEM will not dead but BTC will be! If STEEM will not dead, drama & $trdo will not dead too!


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Hey who won the dudeoir contest? I mean i know it was me but can we make it official? 😂🤣😂🤣😂😜

sounds familiar, both in head and out of head.

Nods. :)

I've had similar conversations with friends.

I didn't do my #showcase-sunday this week...I guess I feel there's not much worthy of reworking on my feed anymore. I'll have to delve in and see what I can find for next week maybe.

Yeah, it's a good thing, the audience is always changing so it is fresh for most and fun for the others.

I'll get on it this Sunday, was just too busy yesterday. I always like to amend and rework the piece and yesterday wouldn't have had the time.

Smiling out loud over the Rehab bit 🤣

Welcome back & may we prove all those doubters wrong!

Hahahaha, very close to home this!

I think that the problem is inviting the wrong people. We have to invite those who are already use to crypto. Or bloggers or vloggers who value the traffic. The communities that need our services. For example sport community to install actifit and use it. Artists, singers to creativecoin, or dsound. Etc... It's hard to make ordinary people understand all this.

That is probably true, ... but also we don't do a very good job. Not even a support desk. :)

You have a way with words when writing here, and in your head. I'm confident that I'll hear your massive last laugh from the other side of the country, obviously between revolvers and fireworks being shot in the air to celebrate when this all works out.

I love to work for startup long shots.

We have this in common I suppose. i have to explain to closed minded people every damn time. Man its tedious but I relish the challenge

I could imagine similar conversations happening, for sure! 😂 😂

Yeah, they do happen every day.

Smile. Happy seeing you around at the #showcasesunday on discord. Hopefully we will all smile also seeing and hearing the best judgement ever on dudeoir Contest. Hope to see more contest too @whatsup

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thanks for the laughter! very accurate lol

I'm glad you got a chuckle.

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The future will be cryptocurrencies, there are still people who do not know about these advances, are busy in the past, or in faceboock making memes, instead I am in steemit, it is more lucrative

Yes, it is still very young.

Nice post, I also had that kind of conversation. I Love it'

I had a similar conversation last week, and the week before, and the week before :)


I'll use that next week

LOL. Yeah, I get it too. I try to not even talk about it much anymore.

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