Potatoes, Milk and Salmon.

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Hey Everyone... This is NOT a food post.

a picture I stole from the internet, it's a Salmon and Scalloped potatoes recipe with milk.

It represents the boring recent topics of Steem. Burning Rewards via Potatoes, Milking end-users and Salmon....

After my last post several people commented asking where I had been and if I had been around...

Everyone knows I love Steem, but kind of like a bad relationship that doesn't mean I always like it. :)

My burn out belongs to me and mostly getting tired of feeling like we have the same conversations over and over again. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with Steem. It just means I've read tons of posts, I've made a lot of posts and the whole thing feels stale to me.

I'm a bit annoyed with the potatoes and burning, and the talk of milking and internal issues like 4 week power downs and inflation. No one outside of Steem cares about these things. Trending has been traditionally terrible and remains that way.... It's not that I am mad or upset about any of those things... It's just that I don't care that much.


I'm still here and I still think that Steem works "Well enough". I don't really care whether we change the power down period or not. It's not that big of a deal that the trending page sucks and with a community this size, I'm not even that excited about SMTs and Communities.

I'm not saying any of these things are a problem with Steem in general... It's clearly my own burn out.

The whole thing feels and smells like stagnant standing water.


Probably one of the most interesting developments is the Korean Salmon and their Proxy voting for SPS proposals and witnesses. I honestly don't know if it good or bad, but it is at least interesting.

It's winter and I've been sick and grumpy for most of January, I've had a flu that turned into a nasty cold and it seems to be taking some time to recover.

Steem is fine, maybe alt season is coming... I'm here, I am wishing us well. I'm bored.


Anyway, I haven't quit.. I'm not powering down... I'm still curating... I just haven't been commenting or posting much. It's nice to see the occasional pump, the increased volume on the exchanges and more people mentioning Steem in many places. At some point all of those things are likely to pay off.

And Yes, I still like Steem and over all have a positive feeling about the future. I just have a major case of burn out.

The same internal arguments are not bringing on new users and new interesting things...

All of the photos in this post were stolen from the Internet.


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This is why I try and stay out of most of that stuff. When I don’t, I just end up spinning in pointless circles not getting done what matters to me.

Just have fun building and growing out your own thing. The platform will be bickering till the end of time and rewarding itself well for doing so.

  ·  last month (edited)

Did someone say "bickering til the end of time"?

honey, I'm home.

haha, I love this comment.

I'm glad you're still around...

One of the things I am trying to make a point of for this year — for my own benefit, as much as anyone's — is to create more content that has absolutely nothing to do with Steem. Meaning that I can freely share it on twitter, Facebook and my external blogs as simply "an article" without having to wrap it all up in a layer of Steem explanations.

After three years here, I find myself increasingly aware that I am a content creator, and I care relatively little about cryptocurrency news and the internal bickerings of The Unites States of Steemlandia.

I keep telling myself I should try that. But then again, you have always been a writer and a content creator... I never considered myself one. I just was trying to support and engage on Steem.

Yes, but you still create content that has value! And you do do a really good job of supporting the community... we each have our pieces of the puzzle where we fit.

I just find that I am increasingly moving back to simply creating content, and I'll be a *"Steem cheerleader"" when and if I feel like it...

Interesting point re burning rewards. I have the potato on auto vote. I’ve been wondering it is a good idea for a little while now. I think I’ll remove it and change it to a 50% flag instead.

I mostly curate as well. Not that interested in creating content these days. Don’t have the time to anyway.

You know what would increase the price? Buyers.

Yeah, so what? All that matters is if you know what would make people buy Steem and power up.

Would more "non steem" related content make people power up? Doubt it very much since the stake voted not for bullshit "non steem" content (asspuffer @berniesanders excluded). Would people want to open an account and buy steem because they see "non steem" related content on trending? Idk, I don't care to think what a simp who hasn't heard of our revolutionary system would find "attractive" enough to buy in, especially if they are oblivious to what made people initially join when there was absolutely no content and only the promise of rewards (@berniesanders excluded), but maybe someone cracks the secret to it, so that we moon, because that's all it will be for, so much for freedom of expression, decentralization and transparency, the conversation is forever about dem lambo tokenz. You know what would increase price? The dollar crashing.

The distribution sucks... a low price is fine for now.

To the moon. . me first.

True true.

You are right, no one cares especially Non-Steemers. But it fills up trending. If we need it off trending, we need to stop upvoting and consider downvoting. Whstever, not sure what to do about it. But I know how we can fix that. Let's just make Steem great again, again!

Exactly that.... Make steem fun, easy and entertaining and it will fix it's self.

I dont mind people working on whatever behind the scenes or making a proposal, but endless discussiokln or posts on trending get tedious.
Maybe it's just an issue with decentralized social networks. We can't really influence anything on Twitter or Facebook so no one bothers. Also, making money on those platforms is completely different (commission based) so there isn't a finite amount.
Here bad ideas, or boring technical stuff can start trending fairly easy.
I do think the communities can solve it because they can just mute it away. Eventually those will lool like entirely different front ends and people won't even know what Steem is if one gets it right. Maybe someone will make a SteemKontakte.

Yeah, the best thing that can happen to us is a market pump. The burning and silliness is a drop in the bucket and means nothing. Plus it looks stupid too.

  ·  last month (edited)

That recipe combined with the first photo makes my stomach feel uncomfortable.
As well as this platform.

Well, I'm glad to see you anyway.

You know me; I keep milking.

I know it is frustrating. Steemit could be so much more. I just do my thing and that's that. It's an outlet I have so I use it to get out info. Rewards bring greed but lazy greed in this case. People want "money for nothing and the chicks for free". A sign of our time. A reflection of society as a whole. Sad.

Meanwhile my personal blogging and videos made just for fun are not posted here. Sad that I don't feel comfortable or have the desire to enjoy this platform anymore. I just post the important stuff and spend my time elsewhere. Sad.

Just do what you do best and ignore the rest. That's what I do. Again, sad. Much love.

Hang on....can we have the old @whatsup back, please? You used to say you liked reading about Steem!!!

I do like reading about Steem. Reasonable optimism and enjoyment of Steem. I am really sick of reading about how the same old people are going to fix Steem this time. (without doing anything that anyone outside of Steem gives a shit about)

Ah, the point of apathy...
Shame about it not being a recipe. The food looked rather good.

Apathy is pretty accurate.

I think 80% of us still here feel the way you feel. I really don't care that much anymore. My level of enthusiasm has dropped but i am still posting, earning my little change and helping in the little way i can. If things turn out great in the end fine, if it doesn't well...i have just learnt how to separate my personal goal and that of steem. They were was intertwined. I know what i want to achieve and i am going about without necessarily selling people false hopes or exhibiting behaviors i think are anti steem.

A good alt season, some great press, a nice stunt. those things will help until then we are grinding and milking

Well, I'm back to try and help to 'cheer people up'. (Yeah, right).

A new lucylin format.

I was gonna post my first 'i'm back vid', just after changing my header pic ect. (new start an' all that).

I've been waiting and trying to upload/change it, for over an hour now, and nothing uploads.
Blank header
Ya gotta love steemit. lol

Anyways, I'm looking forward to chatting to you again! (one of the few)

(but I ain't doin nuffin' until my header and everything is in place)

This food looks very good 😋😋👌 when I look it I start feel I need to make something also.


😋👌 here morning .. I must eat something.

Wow it is like... Is the best

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