How To Check Your DownVote Mana

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So, most of you know that we now have 2.5 Free downvotes a day, there was a ton of downvoting yesterday, but we have to keep it up if we want to return the reward pool to those who are trying to add value to Steem.

If you aren't sure where you are at you can check your downvoting mana on You wnat to take it near 80% each day, for a non-precise way to budget your mana.

Like your voting power, it regenerates daily.

I used my 2.5 DVs yesterday, but looks it has recovered. :)

If you don't want to bother with finding posts to downvote, we have suggestions in SteemChat's discord server.

Also if you can't take enough off of something you are downvoting, feel free to drop the link in as well.

In addition, I am playing with a small curation trail. This account triggers the trail and 4 minutes later it is voted by @adsup, all upvotes are manually curated by eyes on the site.

Are you a legit content creator who is negatively impacted so far, drop your link in the comments, if I have a chance to check out I will. :)

There are many transitions happening now, while I too am doubtful whether large accounts will begin to curate or follow those who do, I am also hopeful and wanting to give it an opportunity to work!

There were tons of downvotes yesterday, let's change our behavior in order to change our results!



I will test this, but hate to test it on other Steemians, coz I wish to live a peaceful life :D


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Just tested mine here. lol. Don't worry, it's 0.000000

you can use this too:

Now you tell me...I had to fumble and bumble my way through (par for the course really) until yoda *aka @tarazkp told me I could use I blame him really, for not educating me in the ways ahead of time. Your lazy ass you must get off @tarazkp! ;)

Can't believe yours is at 100%! Searching for some posts to downvote to give it a try!

we now have 2.5 Free downvotes a day, there was a ton of downvoting yesterday

CRAP…!!!! Now I'll need to be careful about shit-posting from here on out!?!?!?!? @whatsup wit dat, yo!?!?!?

lol, a concern we should all have... Including me!

Always supporting all users dear @whatsup . I do not understand why activating this process of negative votes, for some tribes it is a way of balancing profits, but in other cases they can do a lot of damage and for the little ones it may affect them in their mood to publish. Thank you for your support for everyone. Good vibes.


.. thanks for the hint @whatsup ;-) I didn't use one for the moment but I feel that this moment will come very soon 😄.. especially following your adsup trail (?)

be well and thanks for your meaningful involvement in Steem !

An observation on the witchhunt that is being encouraged here. On the link for the cryptomark person, I checked their wallet and see they paid the Smartsteem group for the votes. Seems that if this behavior is frowned upon, the party to target would be the Smartsteem peeps as they will continue on being the main profiteers of this dynamic.

I get it is being said they copy pasted, but why is the seller of these votes that are frowned upon not the ones being "recked" and only their clients? Seems there is little incentive for the vote for profit businesses to change anything as they make their money before the voting begins.

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of how the vote sellers operate... but still a choice was made to make a shitty post and bot it up. I'm fine with that being downvoted.

The inflation that user would be getting would devalue my steem as well as everyone elses.

I have a doubt;why my credit of resources lie so low if I don't make so many publications? I would like to publish more than one daily post but I can't because of it,I appreciate your help in advance...

Here is my help: You have liquid Steem. Power it up.

Go to your Wallet click Steem and click power up, that is what gives you RCs and the ability to post more.

Thanks for your help

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