Ellen Suggests It Is Okay To Be Kind To Someone You Disagree With...

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So, here is the scoop, I guess Ellen and George Bush were photographed together at a football game.

"Ellen and George Bush attended a Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game on Sunday in Dallas.

She sat next to former President George W. Bush and shared some video of the star-studded suite she was in with her friend, George W. Bush."

After Twitter started criticizing Ellen for being seen with George, Ellen had the nerve to say we should be kind to others even when we disagree.

Apparently this is very upsetting to many, because the story is trending on Twitter, Facebook and many News Outlets and per usual the reaction is bitter and directly related to who you see as the bad guy.


I wonder after all this time encouraging people to dislike and shame anyone who disagrees, why this story is suddenly getting so much attention?

Maybe the fight has gone too far. Maybe when arguments over politics have started to destroy real life friendships and even interfere in family gatherings fueling people with rage inducing politics has gone too far.

Or maybe the "Left" is figuring out we are all "Outrage Exhausted". When you scream and are upset over everything, you are really just screaming.

I've never been a Democrat or a Republican, but if there was ever any integrity in either party or their followers I can no longer find it. In addition, I think when Ellen and George show up together in a story being played on all stations and in all the media there is a reason.

From here I wonder if this is the kick off a new campaign for toning down the hate... Or are they just stirring up the battle again.


Here are a couple of links to other articles about this story





What are your thoughts can you be friends with people who hold different beliefs and values or should you shun all the idiots that view the world differently than you do. :)


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I didn't know about this and that's because, for the most part, I don't allow these forms of media to creep into my mind and manipulate me. I'm also Canadian, so the USA politics mean nothing to me. I know there's a huge divide and seemingly no such thing as a middle ground over there but as an outsider looking in, people being concerned about who sits next to who is borderline insanity. Is that country truly that boring?

I can't imagine finding my seat at the hockey game, but before sitting, I'm handing a form over to the one in the seat next to me, with questions they must answer, before I can sit. If they don't answer correctly, I have to find a new seat or ask them to leave. If I don't follow procedure and sit next to the proper individual, I might get fired from my job, fined, banished from the tribe.

To even care about who sits next to who and where shows how powerful the media brainwash in the USA truly is. Social media makes it all spread like a virus.

Maybe it's time to stop stalling and just have your little civil war over there. It seems like that's what a lot of people want anyway. May as well just get it over with now so people have to die before they realize sitting next to those you disagree with is how matters get settled.

You don't need to send out a form. You can wave your phone at them and your phone will tell you where or not you should go purchase another seat. Technology sure is amazing.

This whole story makes me sick.

Of course. How could I forget...

Hello, it's nice to potentially meet you. Present your chip please. Thank you. Sorry, you've been declined. We're incompatible and in order to prevent civil unrest, you are not allowed to be within 100 meters of me because I think the toilet paper falls off the back of the roll, and you're one of those demented front facers.

meters? you sure ain't American, just like you say.

I suppose I could have said yards, but meters are better.
That should be enough to trigger these Americans into a frenzy.

I guess you could have said we like to utilize the system recognized by the rest of the world as Universal, because if it's not broken we don't go around fixing it.

Just because it is a story at all?


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Dude it would all be so much better if people stopped consuming news altogether. How can people not see the damage all this hate machine called mass media and now social media has caused to our integrity as a human race?. Nowadays everyone gets offended for anything, families torn over stupid politics, and so on. Worst thing is that this is a pattern that I’ve witnessed in the 4 countries I’ve lived so far. Fucking disgusting.

Cult members don't know they're in a cult until it's too late, usually. This is like a new religion and the handheld device is god.

Canada is being affected by this stuff. A lot of my relatives are older now. They all have phones now. That generation has been brainwashed since birth. Their television commercials used to have doctors selling cigs. They used to duck and cover under their desks in school to hide from the war propaganda. Now, I'll hear them talking, and for some strange reason they care about USA politics. They're angry at times for no reason and what some say is parroted straight from the news source. They're not even thinking for themselves. The youngest generation doesn't even know what's hitting them. To them it's normal and that's dangerous.

Yeah, it's weird how the whole world fights over USA politics. I didn't know this before social media.

Its probably less awful here than it might come as. Most people probably sit somewhere in between the extremes but the bat-shit crazy people get all the attention because they show up at the rally.

That being said, shit can get pretty wacky in certain circles. I dated a girl who was super into social justice and all that. She and her friends would get worked up over the weirdest shit and I'm sure this is very upsetting to her... That kind of makes me happy. Lol

As an outsider, yes, it looks crazy as hell over there, based on what can be seen in the media. It would be wrong of me to assume that's how everyone is, and I know that, yet it seems, due the media, many over there don't get it, and end up acting like the people they see in the media. If you're not at the protest, a horde of people might think you don't care... oh no! My status is at stake! I won't have friends if I don't act like my friends!

Haha There is some truth to it. You hit the nail on the head, I think. The system likes us divided here. It keeps us distracted from the fact that there is little difference between the various faces of the ruling class. The show us the worst of the the worst and some, not insignificant, number of people buy into it and overreact by acting just as terrible. You guys on the outside just to get treated to the spectacle plus the wars and economic crashes and stuff.

We aren't all shooting each other and I have seen few political disagreements turn violent. I live in a very racially mixed region and I have a touch of Mexican in my heritage (you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me, though) and I have personally seen very little serious racism against any group. There are plenty of assholes, morons, and crazy people floating around but I assume the same is true anywhere.

I find it funny that people blame social media for the state that America is in currently, when really it's the work of what Mainstream Media has been doing to us for the past 100 years. First the newspapers and then television news networks all have continued to stir up the pot to create more conflict, all while trying to subtly support whatever group of faction they wish to see win. Social media just allowed them to do it faster and more efficiently, but the root cause is the same.

This also stems from deeper causes as well, namely collectivist indoctrination in schools and universities that makes kids think they must follow the prescribed "tribe" they are told to follow, support, love, and not question. In many ways, our issues started when we stopped following our core ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of (one's own) Happiness, and started thinking that European philosophies held better promises of utopia, of which are totally unattainable. "You, the individual, don't know best, the group does. The Race does. The State does. The Nation does. The UN does." This cycle of collective indoctrination goes on and on... And the results are seen all too keenly in America today.

As for a civil war, well... whatever happens to us will directly affect Canada as well. You are our neighbor after all!

Tagging @whatsup since this reply is rather in depth for the whole issue

I happen to agree with you and I no longer watch the MSM, but I do end up seeing stuff that happens on Twitter.

I don't understand it. Also, I have to wonder if most people don't care, and just the over zealous people are featured in the media.

I have a feeling the majority attitude is something like, whatever. That's not juicy though and drama sells. They need to create enough filler to fit inside of those commercial breaks.

It is difficult to avoid this madness completely. I got clickbaited into watching Trump say a few things on Youtube recently and now my feed is full of that stuff. It's also easy for me to then detect how I'm being fed more from one side than the other. If it's a fox news link, I'll see the right perspective. If I click a cnn link, I'll be fed the left. I can't even enjoy late night comedy anymore, since that all turned political. One click is all it takes and that brainwash machine starts spinning. They'll show those most effected by the brainwash. Their reaction makes the news, and the news feels good to those creating the news because... it's working.

A few silly stories come to mind. I have friends in both parties and yet no one I knew cared a single bit over starbucks cups and Christmas.

No one I know hates gays or is running a war on families. I think some of it is just hyped up.

Or maybe the "Left" is figuring out we are all "Outrage Exhausted".

From outside of Europe we're getting (or maybe it's just me) a bit 'American Outrage Exhausted'. It's crazy how people in the US seem to scream at each other from one side of the room to the other, while not really having conversations anymore. News stories aren't news stories anymore, but meta stories about how someone was upset about something (not so) newsworthy.

It's tiring and I tend to avoid more and more 'discussions' amongst Americans (also more and more on Discord lately) as I feel like many people have 'closed their minds' and decided to sit on one side of the political spectrum stubbornly believing they are on the right side without trying to look outside of their bubble.

And yes, I totally know 'not all Americans' :') And there's even some spill-over effect of this behaviour in other countries.

I wish everyone some perspective and difference of opinion does not mean 'bad character'. Personally if I was gay I would hate being friendly to someone who is opposing such a core characteristic of me, but hey, I'm not Ellen, and without having watched her explanation it's not up to me to decide how she handles that and I will certainly not judge her for simply liking George even though his beliefs might in some ways hurt her.

One of the factors is that we have 2 different sets of News, neither is actually news, but rather propaganda. If I decide to watch a story on one or the other station... I watch the other side too.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine it is the same story. People watch their side, and think it is the Truth and wonder what the other side is thinking.... It's all a spin.

I hear you... Many of us have just dropped out of the conversation.

I would like to point out that recent political debates on steem have impacted witnesses and their votes and those arguing are not even in the US. :) So, yeah it's crazy.

Yes - the extreme opposite stories told by the two sets of 'news' sites is mindblowing. In the Netherlands we have some form of independent journalism that isn't 'niche blog' but actually funded by their readers and by their readers only. That helps me get some perspective over here - they are trying to set up in the US too, when they do I'll share it so people on your side of the globe might have an alternative to read :-)

The recent witness voting/unvoting has opened my eyes too. Anyone who is playing that game is childish and doesn't deserve my vote now or in the future. I don't have to pick sides to just decide that they are all 'doing it wrong' :') That's not what witness voting is for.

I don't mind that the political parties can have their own shows but they should not brand them news. Maybe political slant or something. lol

I thought most of our news here in SA was at least to a degree independent, but it turns out it rarely is, and it's like that in most places. That's just because of how information works, not because journalists are bias and picking a specific side. The majority of major news companies in the US, do tend to lean more left, on the other side it's basically Fox and a hand full of publications. So when journalists pick up news coming from the States the narrative is kind of one sided, purely because of the majority consensus. A good example of this would be the news of the PS5 that came out yesterday, only one journalist spoke to CEO of Sony, every news article across the world in based on that one source. Now if there was conflicting information, most would just go with the majority. Also let's not forget the entire business model is based on clicks, which doesn't help.

Here's how I see it.....

If I want people to accept me the way I am and treat me nice even when we don't see eye to eye on everything, then isn't that what I am supposed to be doing for everyone else?

I thought it was totally crazy how people threw away long time friends and made public spectacles of themselves over their political opinions. Honestly... it was hard to fathom.

I have to admit, even though I just said I have to accept others how they are if I want them to accept me how I am, I do have issue with public shamers (quietly, in my head). I think it is some sort of addiction now, bullying if you will, to try to see if you can bend someone else to your opinion..... to be a part in mass shaming. What a sad testimony to the heart of a person, that they get something that makes them feel good out of it.

I'm so glad she didn't cave. I've seen a lot of folks apologize for things they really didn't need to apologize for, simply because of huge amount of online ugliness.

Sad.... very sad.

Very thoughtful comment.

I agree, it's a damn shame when people are fighting with people they know over a dysfunctional political system

i knew nothing about this, than i had to go to her twitter and watch the video, than read the comments and i see majority of people think he is a war criminal. well if really that many US citizens claim he is a war criminal they should do something about it. and if you look at that in that way, they should do something about well maybe every live former president of USA?

it looks like they were just sited next to each other, and been civilised people. or maybe it is an conspiracy of the world shadow leaders to soften both sides. who the f knows...

Yeah, it's interesting to try to guess what the message really is

Unfortunately, she doesn't extend this sentiment to our President.

She has openly expressed she will not have him on her show because he is "against everything she stands for"... while being chummy with someone reputed as a war criminal by many.

Idk but personally think it's a load of hypocritical PR bullshit.

oh yeah, I agree. It's pr, just wonder what the reason is.

That’s why we have frenemies.

Remember Professor X and Magneto.

I like frenemies. :)

I also like friendly competitors.

Down and dirty hatred... is ugly

It is. I especially didn't like Preston's reply.

It's like, wow, you are just now trying to find something to divide people. It's somewhat disturbing that he went straight for the race card.

I don’t go to pro sporting events very often, but when I do, I’d much rather sit next to someone whose political views are different than mine than someone who’s slamming down alcohol.

Unless they are famous, how would I even know your views if we were at a sporting event together.

proir to sitting down, asks person if their views align with mine.

The MAGA and Bernie2020 tattoos are a dead giveaway. ;-)


I think that one thing social media is really good at is amplifying vocal minorities, to the point that they start sounding like majorities. Twitter does a particularly good job of this--probably because of how easy it is to get bots and sock puppet accounts going there.

The even bigger problem is that the 24-hour news cycle in the US is so desperate for clickbait that they take the worst of what circulates on Twitter and report on it as if Twitter is an actual news source, which of course it's not--it's just a bunch of people (and bots) espousing their opinions.

I think the real solution is to get people thinking critically and realizing the difference between fact and opinion. But, easier said than done!

Such an excellent point. How we are amplifying the most obnoxious and outrageous because it creates attention is totally a real thing.

What are your thoughts can you be friends with people who hold different beliefs and values or should you shun all the idiots that view the world differently than you do. :)

I believe every body is entitled to their beliefs. Based on this, if the other persons belief is not in any way bringing me or people around me any physical, mental or psychological harm or discord beyond what is averagely humanely acceptable then i guess we're good.

I really like that... Not harming anyone is part of it, but I guess harm is also subjective these days.

How can we know what mentally harms another?

Okay maybe not mentally,..but yh you get my drift lol

When George Bush was president he was generally despised in Korea and there were large demonstrations, especially when he visited.
However as a former president he more recently visited Korea to attend a 10 year memorial service for the former president of Korea (he was in office when Bush was president, but committed suicide). Koreans were really happy to see Bush here, despite not liking him while in office and appreciated his speech.
I think holding grudges against retired politicians is odd. Bush is barely noticable on the political scene these days and just gives his opinion or joins events occasionally.

Yeah, that's a good view. For me I am curious about the story it seems so out of the usual.

Anti-American sentiment in Korea was extremely high during the Bush W. Era because of several incidents.

I don't really feel like explaining them, here is a link to an article about a song here from that time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fucking_USA

Mr. W.Bush (rightwing) visited Korea with a painting he made of Mr. Roh (leftwing) and brought it to his memorial.

In my opinion, by then no one really disliked him anymore because he wasn't really the cause for much that happened here, he was just the guy in charge. Also, the current president of America is really trying to fix some things about Korea.

Fucking USA
"Fucking USA", often called "Fuck'n USA", is a protest song written by South Korean singer and activist Yoon Min-suk. Strongly anti-US Foreign policy and anti-Bush, the song was written in 2002 at a time when, following the Apolo Ohno Olympic controversy and an incident in which two Korean middle school students were killed by a U.S. Army vehicle, anti-American sentiment in Korea reached high levels. Musically it is a parody of "Surfin' U.S.A.", and though it has a vulgar aspect it is not supposed to be, according to Yoon, just an angsty punk-type song but a serious critique of the Bush Administration and US foreign policy in particular in the Korean peninsula, just conveyed in an ironic and jokingly vitriolic way.In 2012 the US band Neung Phak covered the song on their album Neung Phak 2.

The mainstream media is a cancer to society.

It is right now for sure.

Has been forever. The internet is helping to shift that a bit though. At least now we have a more balanced playing field to see through and expose the propaganda that's being fed to us. People didn't have that luxury until the 1990s.

This is sad. People should view this as a good thing. We could say "look, there can be civility among people with different beliefs." Instead, people are tripping out for no good reason.

I do think the media really plays up these types of things though. If everyone is getting along, they have nothing to talk about. It seems like they are creating outrage so they can report on it.

Yeah, it's a chance to stir the fight or they feel the fight is getting out of hand. we shall see.

Great point, this is the right message for all Steemit users


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