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I guess today is my Steem anniversary. This was something I was not aware of until @acidyo pointed it out to me on a comment I posted. I knew it was coming up in August, just never thought about the date.

It is a wild ride and I am so glad I found this place two years ago.


When I got here, I had no following and very little money. I was not one who had a huge presence on YouTube or Facebook. In fact, I was not a content creator. Instead, I was just a guy who showed up on based upon the recommendation of someone at a cryptocurrency gathering.

I am fortunate that I was one who stuck. In spite of the ups and downs, I believe Steem has an incredible future ahead of it. We are going to see things that make people's heads spin. The progress we are making in terms of development is going nicely.

There are a lot of wonderful people on this platform. That is something that so many miss. I wrote a post about Steemleo last night. The knowledge on this platform is incredible. For a long time, I felt this is an epicenter for knowledge about cryptocurrency. Look at the articles and insight posted by hundreds of people about not only Steem, but other cryptos such as EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron. Personally, I feel this knowledge rivals anything on Cointelegraph or sites like that (although the coverage of a diversity of projects might not be here).

The same is true for many other subjects. Just looking around, there are a lot of people who are very advanced when it comes to different topics.

Part of my journey has been buying STEEM at different intervals and powering up. To this point, I have not taken one token out of the Steem ecosystem. Everything I was rewarded with, along with buying, is still on here in some form. Now with Steem-Engine (and hopefully SMTs by next Spring) we are seeing the opportunities expand.

Investing in STEEM (and Steem) has been a worthwhile endeavor for me. While we are in the midst of a horrific bear, things are still expanding and growing. That bodes well for all who invested, either time or money.

I want to thank everyone who is active and helping this place grow. This is not an endeavor that is up to a single person or group of people. That is the key with decentralization. Everyone has the ability to participate and make the thing grow. Steem is going a thousand directions at one time and it is wonderful. That is what decentralized organizations do.

As the tentacles of Steem spread in different directions, we will be attracting people from many different backgrounds. This will only add to the growth and innovation we see arising down the road.

To anyone new, I would suggest finding something that interests you and throw yourself into it full force. Whatever your like, get involved. With the recent advent of tribes, we see the ability to focus our attention in a more specialized area. This is key.

Remember, you are important. It does not matter what your stake is compared to the Whales, you could be the next great Dolphin or Orca. Or, to go one step further, you might end up being a LEO or STEEM whale. There are so many opportunities and they just keep increasing.

So once again, thank you to everyone for an incredible ride. I look forward to where we will be next August when I will be 3 years old and I cannot help but to shake with excitement. If the next 12 months mirror the last 6 months, we are going to see some wild things popping up here.

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Happy steem anniversary ;-) You are one of my favorite authors and I certainly hope that you will stay as long as steem exists.

Congrats 🎊🎉

Happy Steem Born Day!!!! The chain is better with ya here!

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Great achievement. I'm 5 months away from that! 🙃

Happy 2nd Steem anniversary! What an epic place this is indeed! Will you do anything to celebrate? Wishing you a fantastic day🍦🍭🎂

Yeah I am going to do something novel.

Post, comment, and vote.

Some things never change on Steem.

Thanks for all your support.

Only 2 years? I thought you got here before me..

Yep. I am following you around.

I hope you dont lead us off a cliff.

Well if you do, it is a fun adventure anyway.

You are always out there turning posts out good job for you and congrads!

You're one of my favorite authors with a great vision.

Thank you for the compliment and all your support @oldtimer.

Happy steemaversary bro! It was just my 2nd a few weeks ago.. Apparently you have gotten a lot further than me in your time spent here LoL, but we're both still here and that's all that really matters. I always enjoy reading your posts and I love your positive outlook on the steem blockchain, it honestly keeps me going sometimes when I really just want to quit. Steem/steemit sure has a special place in my heart and its because of the awesome community of people like you. Here's to another 2 years :0)

I do my best @moderndayhippe.

This place can get overwhelming with the attitude and it is tough to stay positive when things are down, especially when the bear is raging.

That is why I try to uncover things that are telling the story of where we are heading. Hopefully the offers a bit of insight to help people through those times.

It is easy to stay up when the bear is raging.....optimism wanes when the bears come out yet that is where the money is made.

Things are looking up for Steem.

Another two years and our minds will be blown.

Congrats on the milestone! Thanks for continually providing us great and thoughtful content to allow us to have the vision of a great future of abundance for many!

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Hey @taskmaster4450, I'm glad to see you still here. I remember talking to you in the comments on crypto TS posts way back when. It's cool to see how you grew into a full on blogger. Nice work dude, steem on!

Happy birthday, mate. Keep producing the quality content that you do. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

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Congrats on your 2nd year on STEEM 👏

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Happy anniversary!!

Congrats on two years and here's to many more

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happy birthday taskmaster4450

Happy steem birthday! :)

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Happy anniversary !
I read your blog here regularly

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Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Happy Birthday ! 🥳 May there be many more 😉

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Congratulations @taskmaster4450! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

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Happy Birthday taskmaster4450...

May we still continue to cross paths through decades to come.


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Happy anniversary in the platform. I also joined 2017 bit I just don't know exactly when. Although I have not been so active in the platform for some time now it has always been a big part of my crypto journey.