Look who I met and what I bought with Steem!

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Look who I met and what I bought with Steem!


Hey guys, this is ramengirl. I visited Malaysia shortly last weekend :) One of the good reasons living in Ho Chi Minh is that you can visit nearby countries during the weekend! I've never been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I found out that it only takes about two hours from Ho Chi Minh City, and there are many flights every day, and also the prices are affordable. I didn't have any baggage, all I brought was my small tote bag. I didn't realized that how it's comfortable and easy if you don't have any baggage until this travel haha.


Before I headed to Kuala Lumpur, I purchased a candle from my Steemian friend @joannewong who I met at Steamfest last year. She recently launched her brand and started selling online. So I asked her if I can buy with steem, and she was cool with that. In fact, I knew @joannewong was from Malaysia, but I didn't know where she lives, so I asked her to deliver the candle to my hotel. But it turns out that @joannewong is also living in Kuala Lumpur! She's so kindly came to my hotel and delivered the candles directly. As soon as I arrive, she greeted me with welcome message , and we met right after I checked in my hotel room. She gave me warm greeting and welcome with her bright smile.



Guess what? @joannewong wasn't only person who was there! @aaronleang, @vael.riey, @awesomianist also came with @joannewong!! I've met all of them at previous Steemfests and I was so happy to see them in Malaysia!! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to have dinner with them so instead we had really delicious Taiwanese milk tea and had a really nice talking :) I love all of them so I hope we could have spend longer time together, but I'll make sure to have proper meetup when I visit KL next time! Thank you so much to come to say hello to me guys :) Let's go team Malaysia!!



So the candle I bought was Sandalwood scent, and it smelled good. It's amazing! And most importantly I purchased with my Steem so I like that part a lot. If you're interested in Joanne's candles, please don't hestate to contact @joannewong :)


Glad that you love the candles! It's great to see you again and I will see you at Bangkok next month. Let hangout!

Yesss :) I was sooo happy to meet you all :D Can't wait to meet again!! Thanks for the lovely candle!

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I love your friendly chatty style ramengirl.
I thoroughly enjoyed your visit with your friends that you met at Steemfest.
Now that is something I really would like to know more about, Steemfest that is, so please tell me.
I applaud Joanne in her business venture. I hope it goes very well for her.
I would love to know how I would go about using steem to buy something if you have the patience to tell me.
(I'm obviously a curious person and I wonder if you know the idiom involving curiousity and the cat?
A disastrous end so I had better end off.

Hi @justjoy if you know about Steemfest please check their official website https://steemfest.com it's going to be held in Bangkok this year :) And also if you're not familiar with Steem or crypto I recommend you to check out Steemonboarding videos first-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVyfpr3kPKvZMipMRZFCFw

Waiting for your next visit... or maybe the other way around 🙈

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Come to vist HCMC! You guys are always welcome :)

Hey,@ramengirl, long time no seeeee:) I hope you everything goes well, and hope see you agian :)

Omg!! @kikima I missed you :( I'm doing well thanks!!
I hope you are doing well!! I'm living in HCMC, Vietnam so you can come to visit me anytime!

Nice to see you guys all together there! See you in Bangkok I guess?

Nice to see you guys
All together there! See you
In Bangkok I guess?

                 - joythewanderer

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Yes! See you in Bangkok Joy :D