You must work to prosper

in #busylast year

Prosperity does not answer to prayers. Prosperity does not answer to rituals. Prosperity answers to being proactive, discipline and smart in knowing exactly what to do. You do not have to go praying or doing rituals without being actively engaged in a chosen line of work.

You got to choose a work you must engage in to make money. You must work to make money. Money does not fall out from nowhere. You must engage yourself in a certain type of skill or business for you to get money.

Stop praying and start being proactive. There are people who do not do any ritual, neither do they prayer, but they are yet very wealthy because they are disciplined and smart enough to do the right things that generate money.

Very important notice: Work must not be hard work. Knowing how to organize others to get things done, is also work.

Good morning and have a blissful new week.