When they feel you should have done more

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The human heart is insatiable, so, it is impossible to absolutely please anyone all the time. As humans, the moment we achieve "one", we start aiming to get "two"; and this is exactly why human relationships are among the most difficult forms of stress.

Somehow, we are always expecting more.

Because our minds are always in a quest for more, we subconsciously despise the things we have and long for more. We become too familiar with the love, care and support we are experiencing and they stop meaning anything to us.

Subconsciously, we start expecting more, and when we do not get the more we expect, different emotions follow up. Some people may get embittered, some will become angry, while some would simply start hating on someone or something that was once their source of happiness. At this point, our hearts begin to make the previous good deeds seem insignificant.

Are humans wired in such a way that they can easily forget the good but hold on to wrongs?

I believe we really do not forget the good deeds done to us, but they really do not mean anything anymore because we want some more. This is an inherent display of the selfish nature of humans.

Sometimes, or most times, all that matter is us. We only judge and interpret things from our own perspectives without trying to understand the other party in any way. And sincerely, we do not understand the pains we inflict on others by this ungrateful attitude until we find ourselves in similar situations. It is emotionally painful to some people when they feel their love, care or support was despised.

When you do nothing, you expect nothing!

Some people have been able to shield themselves from this type of emotional torture by living a life where they do all they do without expecting anything. While some others simply live only for themselves without trying to reach out to anyone. I think the later have their emotions more protected as regards to this.

Of course, if they do not offer you any help consistently to the point where you become too familiar with it, you would not start expecting more. And should they eventually show you a little favour, you would be very appreciative about it. We generally value what is difficult to come by.


From my experiences in life and a study of a few things happening around the world, I have come to understand why we have a lot of people who probably do not care about other people and would not attempt doing anything for anyone except there is an incentive for they themselves.

The more people live on this earth and experience things like this, the more they find reasons to become selfish. Sadly, some become cruel and inhumane because of this human insatiable and ungrateful nature.

Is it better to not do anything at all because you will get attacked for not doing enough?

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