Some disappointments are for good

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This life is a circle. You do not have to cry too much for any disappointment, because that same thing could turn out for a greater good.

Many a time, we cry for disappointments just because we could not see the future. If only we knew that some things did not succeed at a particular time simply because they want to reappear in a better timing and a better form, we would laugh at what made us cry.

Always have the mindset that everything will turn out for your good.

Everything is turning around for our good.

Thanks to all my faithful friends and fans.

I feel loved and highly favored. 💕💕❤💛💚❤💛

Happy new week from me to y'all.
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It is very true; but as human beings We tend to forget about that proverbs which says "if one door closes, other will open" just because we are overwhelmed with the challenges of life .

That's exactly why we need supportive friends and family around us at trying moments. They usually are the one who would remind us of that.

The truth is that pain, suffering and disappointment are just circumstances of life. We believe that our dreams will solve all our current problems without realizing that they will simply create new variants of the same problems that we are experiencing now.

Of course, these are often better problems that one would like to have. But sometimes they can be worse. And sometimes we better get into our own shit in the present instead of chasing some kind of ideal in the future.

Not every problem is meant to be endured. It's best to quit sometimes.

Thank you for your comment here @orion7.

100% accurate. It's all about perspective and most people need to have that positive outlook to understand that things will eventually get better. We don't have to see the whole staircase while climbing, all we need to do is take it one step at a time.

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Thank you @olawalium. A step at a time helps us overcome a lot.

It's a huge honour. Thanks a lot. 😊

well disappointments are only to make us even better than ever

Sometimes. Thanks for reading @blazing.

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