Leave your comfort zone

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What you do consistently becomes a habit and habits are usually not easy to drop. If you are OK with the results you are getting in life, then you may want to continue with the way you do the things you do. However, if your results are not in line with your goals, then it is time you change certain habits.

At first, conforming with the new lifestyle you desire may not be so easy. The old habit is now your comfort zone because you are now comfortable with it, and when you try to adopt other ways of doing things, they seem too hard, uncomfortable or too stressful.

I want to encourage you today to not succumb to the temptation of sliding back to your old habits. Be hard on yourself. Tell yourself that you cannot permit "you" become an enemy of your own progress. Leave that comfort zone because everything you want is on the other side.

Happy New Week!


I think comfort zone is one of the hard trap to forgo in life because of the comfort in it, it takes just one who understand who he is, where he should be, what he needs and desperate strive to become better to get out of this. Thanks for this brilliant piece

You're absolutely right. However, I used to tell myself this, "I cannot allow me be an enemy to my success". This helps me snap out and do the needful immediately.

It's actually a virtue there that you've got. Procrastination is one hard nut to crack in people's lives

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