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Is karma real? This is one question I have been asking for a long time and I am yet to get a clear answer from anyone. Almost everyone around me believes karma is real but they do not have facts to backup their beliefs. On the other hand, I do not believe in the existence of karma and I have my reasons for that.

I am the type of person who does not accept something because everyone else accepted it. I like finding out my own truth for myself. And from my little research, I have come to realize that people who do evil to other humans do not face any special punishment, except there is a functioning justice system in the land to punish evil doers. As a matter of fact, I always seen people benefit from evil they did to others.

If karma is real, then they would be no need for courts or any other form of justice system in the world. We would all leave those who wrong or do evil to get served their evil deeds by nature itself.

If you have a contrary view, please share in comments below.

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well what ever goes around comes around karma is for real we may face it soon or later its all the deeds we do in life

I don't think I've seen anyone facing karma. Most of what happens to evil people happen to good people as well.