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When I thought my world was crumbling, you came to my rescue. You gave me a shoulder to lean on and an arm to cry in. Beyond my words, you could feel the panting of my heart. Gazing into my eyes, you saw my soul. You saw the pain no one else could see. You heard every unspoken word even when I remained silent.

Like a cloudy sky, your eyes got heavy with tears. You tried holding them back, but they betrayed you as they poured down uncontrollably. It was a moment of euphoria to me. For the first time, I felt someone understands me. For the first time, I felt another soul could feel my pain. For the first time, I didn't have to speak to be heard.

A soulmate, is that who you are? Only time shall tell. A soulmate is someone who connects directly to your soul. They understand you better than family, friends and even lovers. They see through your smiles and hear every unspoken word. What hurts you, hurts them. What makes you happy, makes them happy too. Fortunate are you when your soulmate is your life partner.

Happy New Week!

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