Compliment is a soul food

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How do you feel when someone compliments you? Happy; right? A sincere compliment has away of lightening our moods and lifting our spirits. If you are fortunate to stay around people who compliment you as much as possible, you will notice it boosts your morale over time.

Being around positive people who would correct you in love and compliment every little effort you make is a great gift. It is a great gift because we live in a world where people ignore many good deeds, but are prompt to identify every wrongs. Sadly, they do not just identify these wrongs, they magnify it with unjust criticisms.

They try to use a sledgehammer to chase a fly.

It will cost you nothing to send sincere compliments to as many people as you want. Be the person with the message of love. The only time you contact others should not be only when you want to correct them or criticize them. Make them feel good about the things they got right. Make them feel good about the little efforts they are making. However, be sincere with your commitments and do not turn it into flattering.

Compliment is a soul food that gladdens the heart and boosts morale. To some people, it helps them build their self-confidence. It definitely would cost you nothing to feed the souls of those around you with sincere compliments.

Happy Weekend!

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