Be a source of strength to your loved ones

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Thomas Edison's teacher sent him back home from school with a letter for his mum. And in that letter, he was described as "addled". When he got back home and handed the note over to his mum, he asked her what was written in the note and she told him that the teacher said he's too intelligent to be in the school, that she his mum, would do better teaching him at home.

The teacher almost crushed the spirit of a great inventor, but the mum was a savior. The words of outsiders do not actually hold weight until loved ones endorse it.

Do not ever join anyone to run down people dear to you. Always be a source of mental strength to those who look up to you for love and protection. Today we all know Thomas Edison, but the name of the "intelligent teacher" who had the guts to use such a nasty word on a little child has been erased from history.

Well, some people say that never happened. But whether it happened or not, there is a lot to learn from that story.

Happy Mid-Week!

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