And We're Gold

in busy •  9 months ago 


The target has been achieved. Managed to reach Gold after a frustrating back and forth when i was 100 or so ranks away.

It has been a fun first season learning about the mechanics of the game but i can see that for the most part, better cards or rather investing in the game means more win.

Fingers crossed on the season ending rewards in 7 or so hours. Hopefully there'll be some legendary cards in the mix.

From an investment perspective, the $10 spent on the better cards has meant going from Silver II to Gold III. For an extra 7 rewards cards at the season end and also a couple of additional reward cards in the daily quests, i think it will pay off.

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Congratulation! ;)

Thank you @tangmo. Do you play SteemMonsters as well?

You're welcome! Ah! I think it's hard for me to understand how to play... ;D