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I have to admit, I am still struggling to understand the implications of the Hard Forks this week as I feel a sense of excitement on a couple of weird things like the free downvotes but also clearly see some uncertainty regarding how we incentivize engagement whether it be through posting and/or commenting. For example, I was trying to do my normal upvotes for those who comment on my content to incentivize the engagement. Unfortunately, my upvotes were being "devalued" (I know it is not the term) to be less than the dust threshold. This means that not only is the person engaging losing that opportunity for rewards but I am wasting my Voting Power. Again, I am still trying to understand and this may all be my perception.

Although it has been busy for me, I have been able to maintain my engagement for the most part as I do not engage for the upvotes but instead want to demonstrate my commitment and presence to the community and ecosystem. Despite being limited with time, I have been able to cover my feed as I can sense less posts and even volumes of posts as well. I can completely understand as even I feel that the needs for 1,000 word minimums are now in the air in general (although the consequences of downvotes are now clearer than ever).

One thing I have been doing is really trying to expand my curation efforts in rewarding many of those authors that have not really met that 20 Steem threshold mentioned in Steemit Inc.'s blog a couple of days ago. I have see how they have been impacted as I rarely see posts valued more than $1 now. While my vote probably doesn't do much, I hope it provides the motivation necessary to say "hey, I am reading and enjoying so keep up the engagement!" As I further consider the ways to help, I ran into a post from @steembasicincome which really reminded me of its concept and goal for its community.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 8.53.16 PM.png

I think this is a project that can surely benefit many of these users experiencing these impacts from the Hard Fork. While I know that I am completely ignoring the curation aspect of it, I am just thinking of what is initially visible from my time and experience here. I am sure that curation rewards will help offset these impacts but the creation of content is key to start the process. Therefore, I am looking to handout some SBI today to help the future of our ecosystem and community!

@tramelibre, @preparedwombat, @conradsuperb, @rollandthomas, @galenkp, @nonsowrites, @fullcoverbetting, @gamercrypto, @roleerob, @leaky20, @meditations, @teutonium, @glenalbrethsen, @indigoocean, @niallon11

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 8.56.05 PM.png

Thank you all for remaining present and grinding through this new phase of Steem!

Discord: @newageinv#3174

Chat with me on Telegram: @NewAgeInv

Follow me on Twitter: @NAICrypto

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If you select one of my above referral links, I will sponsor a @steembasicincome SBI in return. Let me know if you do so in the comments below!

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The rewards are still adjusting... Be a little bit patient.

It works on a moving average and we have to wait for the impact of the lack of people using bidbots and the downvoting to work themselves into the averages.

I imagine there is much to go through these first couple of days so I guees it is part of the learning process. Luckily, Splinterlands has not changed and can keep me busy!

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Saludos @newageinv

Gracias por el apoyo. Esperemos que los cambios generan mejoras para el ecosistema de Steemit, así como el posicionamiento de cada una de las tribus que se desarrollan en la plataforma.

El futuro de estobson las cuentas pequeñas que necesitan crecer y aprender el protocolo bien!

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Thanks for the SBI! I also see a lot of excitement for these HF, and a lot of #newsteem mentality, let's hope that this will provide a better reward pool distribution and more value to the token.

I've powered up some STEEM once, I'm waiting to see what comes out of this whole HF deal to see if I should power up more or not... especially with the stuff I'm seeing in some tribes, I've seen and kept up with some tribes that might bring big value (real one) to the whole ecosystem.

that have not really met that 20 Steem threshold mentioned in Steemit Inc.'s blog a

Haven't read this yet... going to search for the post to see what is all about...

I have yet to really power up but that is more because I am using the liquid Steem for my Splinterlands collection! Now is definitely a great time to accumulate!

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Well sir, you are very kind. Thank you very much for the gift! As you know, I am a big fan of the SBI program as well and I need to find the time to read up on what @josephsavage has to say about it today moving forward.

With you @newageinv ...

*"... I am still struggling to understand the implications of the Hard Forks this week ..."

... but I am being patient and waiting to watch it unfold and see what new form our Steem blockchain takes. No question it will be different. Will it be better? We can all hope for the best!

The reality is that many are still encouraged with all the development so the community continues to be the main value of the ecosystem!

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Yep, lots of development @newageinv! Lots of "smoke," so let's hope some real firestorms break out soon and get the price of STEEM up out of the basement!

Off topic, but are you and your family safe from Dorian?

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Hey, thanks much 😄 that's awesome of you. I hope to pass it forward someday too...

I like to reward engagement and see you quite active so thanks to you my friend!

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That's amazing and very generous of you. I really appreciate it. I've been trying to continue to engage and comment on posts to see how the reward structure is going to work out. We will see. I think that engagement is necessary for the long term survivability of the platform so I think you make a good point.

Thanks again.

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Engagement will always be the key so keep up the good work. Appreciate the comments here!

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Hey @newaginv appreciate your continual support and engagement throughout the community, it surely doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for the SBI, actually two 🙌🏼

I’ve also noticed some of the bugs and kinks but I’m sure they’ll be worked out here in no time. Keep up the solid efforts here 💪🏻

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The grind continues! Looking forward to what more is to come with the development here!

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@newageinv Thanks for that, it's much appreciated. I love sbi as a concept and see how fast accounts like this will grow with 50/50 now. They will be very important in the future as we grow.

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