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I was happy about one of my latest posts here where I documented how Steem Earnings had been decreasing for me as late. I speculated that it could be due to the upcoming Hard Fork 21 which is now less than 24 hours away among a number of other thoughts regarding engagement. I was really happy as I was able to achieve quite a bit of engagement on the comments section which is what I dream of for not only my content but also the majority of the content I create. I believe that one of the key values that drive the ecosystem and community is the fact that we are able to get different perspectives and share our own which provide a great feedback loop for our future actions.

However, as I interacted with the comments section and also continue to look at the earnings that have continued to be constant (except for that post which was an outlier), I came to realize that I missed a couple of important factors. First, while the earnings I follow are measured in USD amount, an even more important measure are the amount of resources we get when we earn here. The amount of Steem and Steem Power that I have been generating continues to increase as the price goes down. This presents a unique and odd feature that allows us to accumulate the resources much faster.

Steem Earnings Part II.png


I decided to go back to my starting month here when Steem was over $4 each and see the differences. While I would get more SBD than Steem for my engagement back then, I would never be able to accumulate more than 1 Steem per day back then. This is despite me remembering getting reward for $2-3 worth of upvote on my comments (my posts never got more than $0.05 at the beginning). In fact, until the day in February 2018 that I decided to buy 95 Steem at $3.90 (my first purchase), I had only accumulated 3.89 Steem through that date! In my most recent week, I am now getting about 10 Steem per day for my activities here!

Given my long term view on how value is being created in the ecosystem, I feel much better now earning more Steem and Steem Power than earning more dollars worth of resources as my intention is not to cash out at the moment but build a foundation for the future when value is more realizable. I often think in my mind the USD value of my resources earned and accumulated at those prices and while it may take years to get there, I think the returns on our time and money could be well worth it in that point of view.

SE Wallet.png

Another fact that continues to go around in my head is how much continues to develop and grow on the secondary layer that is Steem Engine. I have yet to make it a routine to go in and claim rewards as I have to still figure out the best way to accumulate these resources. However, these resources are not in those metrics that I am tracking on a daily basis but after looking at how they continue to expand may be something to surely consider. Now that @steemchiller has added more flexibility to the great SteemWorld website, this could something to do on a more frequent basis for me.

While all this is set to change in the next 24 hours, I think that the bigger picture continues to expand. The evolution of both the protocol and the passionate community surrounding it is quite an experience to be a part of. We often focus too much on the now and miss the potential of what could be. It is never an easy thought process but it is one that could be more enjoyable if we open ourselves to it. The coming days will be a great opportunity to see how we see ourselves here not only now but in the future.

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Still not understanding all the changes but will learn as I go. I have seen less voting lately but am still encouraged by other things like splinterlands like you.

Glad to see you engaging once again! It is the first step!

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I powered up about 295 steem today with around 45 liquid steem on the side for a possible beta pack token purchase on the side. I think one of my better chances of earning in the long run here is going to be on Steem engine, both from earnings and investing my own Steem.

You should check out the @spinvest page and the accompanying SPI tokens in SE, especially if you are interested in growing your steem engine account with the growth and support of a high quality project and investment opportunity !

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I'll look into it - thanks

Great move! Steem Engine is sure providing great ways to expand our capabilities at earnings and engaging here!

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I think building a foundation at this point is a good strategy. I think it will pay off in the long run. We will see what happens with HF21

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Here we go! Soon we will know!

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Your activity has proven to be a driving factor for your daily growth ! HF21 should suit you pretty well the way you interact and engage with the community !

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Ups and downs as it gets busy every now and then but I enjoy it so it comes almost natural.

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Yeah life is busy but you certainly know how to incorporate steem into your daily activities. We all experience the ups and downs, those are inevitable

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Yes sir! I am just too busy playing Splinterlands these days!

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