Tech review: 9$ wireless charger

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I was randomly scrolling throw the Joom app (Chinese online shop like AliExpress) when suddenly I came across an 8,49$ wood wireless charger.

Decided to buy it since I recently bought a new phone that has wireless charging.

It took 3 weeks to arrive but I have to say it was worth the wait! It works perfectly and it is way more comfortable to simply lay your phone on top of it when you go to sleep instead of the hassle of plugging it in every night.

Even though I’m very happy about it there are some problems it it:

  • The usb mini cable that comes with it is very short;
  • There is no outlet adapter;
  • Wireless charging is slower (Not a big difference but for a quick charge might as well plug it in).

If you want to purchase one for yourself, here is the link for the seller where I bought it from:

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