What do people think of bidbots now?

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Since the time I joined steem, people have always been complaining about bid bots. I never had any issues with them, they were run like a business and provided value for money. But i guess people didn't like the selling and maybe believed that they should get all those votes for free.

Well now you have got you wish. Latest HF has made bid bots useless and they are shutting down. But guess what you are still not getting those votes for free, those bot owners are cashing out. Powering down and selling their stake. I would have done the same. There is no reason to own a depreciating asset.

If you think steem price is in toilet now, wait for a little longer and you will crave todays prices. I see all the optimistic posts about how people are buying and powering up but they don't have any real reason for powering up except for price is down. You know how they say, don't try to catch a falling knife, well do yourself a favor and don't. I have been burnt too many times to know the true meaning of that quote.

Some people won't like my negative outlook but i someone gotta say the truth.

P. S.: Any if you are wondering why I am still blogging, this is a post to collect my accumulating sbi and other votes and I don't like charity so it has my random thoughts.


I agree... I never had a problem with bid bots but also didn’t use them too much. Didn’t really have the steem to use. Some worked quite well though, a few you suggested to me actually so thanks. But I rarely post on here now. Tempted to pull out all of my steem and cash out, I have around $100 so in reality that’s pretty cool. Not the gains I thought of! Funny to think that would be over $1000 with a spike

if you want to make money, take some of that 100$ and rent a good steem monster deck. You just need 1 lvl4 summoner deck to make about 500+ DEC every day, that would be about 3.5 steem a day. I would get a life dec.

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Bid Bots are fine, and I almost expect them to make a resurgence. Just wait till people realize they could be selling those downvotes as well.

Curation is a dumb idea, and just because the community has rallied around the EIP in the short-term out of fear in the market, just wait until all the exploitative douchebags learn how to game the hell out of it.

I mean... honestly they already are. All you have to do is have a lot of stake. After that analyze who's getting the most consistently highest payouts.

Okay, so now you have a list of authors who often get large payouts. Any post under X amount at the 4.9 minute mark gets upvoted. ROI maximized, curation worthless. The bot isn't checking for good content, it's checking for good ROI.

Although I will say that 50% curation is interested. With the reward curve if you upvote yourself you basically get dinged 50% anyway, so the new system really incentivizes users to upvote each other and create network effect. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

I have a bot voting at 4 min but still rewards are not that gr8. I think they slipped in some more changes on how curation rewards are calculated. For now it feels kind of waste of time to write or hold steem. Ned and team need to start buying steem with thr ad income, create some demand.

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