Thoughts on HF21

in #busy2 years ago

So far it seems like my business model will flourish even more than before. My curation rewards have skyrocketed since the hf but now since we don't have utopian project running, its getting harder to find posts to vote on based on prior data. I will likely work on something over the weekend so I can find a way to consume voting power. Self voting is essentially useless as I have already lost 50% of vote worth. This will probably drive some people away. Lets see.


You might want to autovote my blog posts at 5 minutes. I signed up for Steemauto today. Hopefully I can compete with you but I'm not totally about the profit but probably 50-90% about the profit. lol

FYI Steemworld says you are not doing very well.

Hi @mightypanda, please use the #steemleo tag for high quality investment content only. This post is a bit lacking in substance. Thanks and hope to see you back with another post :)

No you won't.

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I agree with you. The utopian-io trail is much missed.

Hope it comes back