NextColony: F2P strategy guide

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NextColony has been out for quite some time but I waited to write this post because I am a free 2 play player and it took me quite some time to figure out what the best strategy is when you don't want to invest money in this game but still crave progression. I know my strategy is good because I own one of the better F2P accounts in the game.


This game is highly based on randomness. Though necessarily not a good think, it is often sold as a fair system by the team. I don't completely agree with the team on this but it's their game so I will just have to work with what I got.

Due to this randomness, there are some players with no planets found in 500 explorations while there are others with 10 found in first 100 exploration.


There is a 1% chance of finding a planet so my strategy is to stretch this 1% chance to as much as possible. To do that, I created 4 accounts. Since its only a few clicks a day and lot of patience, it took me about 6 weeks to get explorers on all of my accounts and from thr i spent another week to get lvl1 mission control. What that gave me was 12 explorations at a time. 12x the chance to find a planet.

From here on, its quite simple. I have 2 accounts where i haven't found any planets but on other two, i have found a total of 7. Five on one and Two more on another.

Now I can assign all these planets to one account and that account can be my main account from here on. I can keep exploring from other accounts but I don't really need to.


Since this game is so heavily dependent on randomness, only way to beat it is by taking enough chances. You might get lucky and your one planet turns out really good, but you might also get really unlucky and get no planets in 500 explorations.


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