Steem and Steem token monthly progress report!

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Well another steem month has been written in the recorc books. This was my 21th full month on Steem. It was also the first after HF21 month. So time to see how things did go!


Let's first start with the bitcoin of the steem blockchain. Steem itself.
I did read a lot of posts which do say that they did see the interaction decrease. That's a pity! But I do also think that this is a good thing. The reactions you are getting now are genuine reactions and not written in the hope to score an upvote! And to be honest I do like this more than before HF20.
Not that anybody was writing reactions on my posts to score an upvote because my voting value is just too low for this! But anyway!

At the beginning of the month I did have exactly 6000 SP in my wallet. And now at the first of October it has increased up to 6503 SP. An increase of 503 SP. Which is more than acceptable.
It is hard to compare this with the months before HF21 because I did stop to use the OCDB voting service.

But let's break this 503 SP down into pieces!

Curation rewards

Well this is the most interesting one after the 50/50 split between authors and curators.
My previous record was 22.683 SP curation rewards earned in one month time. And this record was just pulverized by September 2019.
With 41,02 SP I almost doubled my curation rewards.


It will be a nice challenge try to break the 50 for next month! But this can't be done with manual curating posts with the SP I am holding. I do need to use autovoting tools for this hoping that the authors I do have on there will pass the linear reward curve enough!
I still find it pity that my upvote isn't equal for anybody. An upvote with the same VP% has easily twice as much value when upvoting a post which did pass the reward curve than on a post which doesn't! Feels strange!
But we do have to life with this fact!
Due to the removal of a lot of delegations, my upvote value did increase. So, this could be the trick to break that 50!

Author rewards

Well according to accusta the author rewards for the past month was 293 SP. So still more than 50% of my progress. Like written before it is hard to compare this with the previous months! But to honest it was more than I did expect.


I can complain that the whales still haven't discovered my blog posts but on the other hand I do see some upvotes which I never received before. For sure #smartsteem and #oc are doing a fine job with this.

Other income

Around 35% of my steem progress did come from other sources. Mainly the dice games. I have set myself a challenge to be in the green on both most used gambling dapps, which are Epicdice and Kryptogames.
Time will tell if I will succeed in this.
For the moment I will use some of the winnings if they are there to increase my VP.


Well we cannot neglect the token economy anymore on the steem blockchain! It is here to stay! Maybe it will get a new dimension when the SMTs are ready to go, but until then it will be a major part of the steem economices.
Just like in the past months, most tokens which I am staking did decrease in value!
Since half of September the value of my tokens did decline with 8 steem. So almost status quo, regardless of my continuus staking of all of them!

Sports is still my most important token. At the moment of writing it has a value of 147 steem. Closely followed by LEO, with 136 steem.
LEO did pass Palnet which is more or less staying behind. When the tokens did appear it was one of the most important tokens.
If we have a look at the number of steemiands staking tokens, SPORTS is also in the top 3 of the past 14 days. 300 more people are staking them, but the winner is NEOXAG with an increase of more than 500 accounts which do or did stake NEOXAG.

If I would also include the gambling dapp TOKENS, it would be a completely different situation. The gambling tokens alone do have a value of more than 1K Steem. But I do generly not include them, nor do I count on them!

So, this was my month September 2019 in short. I would be very happy if I can have 7K SP at the end of October. I do assume that my curation rewards will increase a little bit, so with the same number of posts and luck! It could be doable!


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First month after the HF. Not bad for you. Smartsteem seems to be doing a good job and they have voted some of my posts as well.

The SE tokens are wild west, but from the data that I'm looking at SPORTS did seems to have growing in user base, although it has a crazy inflation.

I have stopped playing the dice games for a while now, interesting to see that they are still around .... :) I see EPIC has some volume as well.

Wish you even better October!

Not sure about October. My interest in Steem is decreasing.
Dice games are still around and they look fairly fair.

It is nice to play a bit while drinking a !BEER


Not bad at all man!

Not complaining and drinking a !BEER to celebrate!

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Hey @toofasteddie, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Great work. I have not tracked my SE tokens at all, but I probably should. Then again just delegated them all to other accounts to help thier curations.

Well all small bits help.
Trying to track them with a fresh !BEER

I still find it pity that my upvote isn't equal for anybody. An upvote with the same VP% has easily twice as much value when upvoting a post which did pass the reward curve than on a post which doesn't! Feels strange!

Yeah. It sucks for small accounts or those whose posts usually never break the reward curve. I think the majority of people on steem will just go for low hanging fruit and upvote those who consistently make the trending page. I don't think this is good for the long term health of steem though if everyone goes for curation maximization.

It indeed is wrong and not good for the future of Steem.
But we have to do it with it!
Have a !BEER to think things over :)


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Hey @johnhtims.pal, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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