Today is a Day of Renewed Strength - My Entry for CCC's Contest #2.18

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I had a lot of good results today in a few key areas, and this gives me strength to carry on. It’s actually early morning on Monday, but it is still Sunday night for me. I will be going to bed soon and when I get up, Monday will commence.

I was able to get a few hours sleep Saturday night, and then make it to a powerful church service in the morning. That always starts my week out on a high note. We had a new family attend from Zimbabwe by way of Dubai, and I surely hope they will be back next week. I have never met anyone from that country. They seemed to like the service and will be living in KL somewhat permanently, so I hope I will have new friends.

Lunch after church was delicious as usual, and then I went to sleep for a very long nap. This is why I am up now in the middle of the night/morning working.

My STEEM news has been good for all three blogs. I am set up to know what I want to accomplish this week, and this is very helpful. I’m on a path to plan better and work better. I’ve been doing this a week now and it is helping my stay on track. So I will persevere.

As a reminder to myself and info for you if you do not already know, this is what I do on STEEM:

I work on three blogs here. I post 2-4 posts on each blog each day, cycling through the noted dApps below.


  • esteem – freewrite and anything else
  • busy - Minnow Tips
  • nTopaz – Photography
  • - Travel (Not doing this yet – a goal)


  • esteem- food and ccc posts
  • tasteem - restaurant reviews
  • busy - dpoll
  • dlike - Sharing health news (Not doing this yet – a goal)


  • esteem - dApp and gaming Reviews
  • dpoll- dApp and STEEM questions
  • busy – For excess posts if I get to three that day.

My photo for this post was taken on my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone. It is a sauce called sambol which comes with about 75% of everything you order to eat in Malaysia. This little bowl of it came with a Nasi Lemak meal I had.

Sambol is very spicy, but I eat at least some of it whenever it comes. A Malaysian would pour this all over their food or at least dip their bites here until all the sauce was gone. When I get to that point, I will be fully Malaysian. For now, I can eat about one third of this at any given time.

This is my entry for the weekly “What does today mean to you?” contest by @freedomshift for ccc. I’m so glad to have this place for a weekly post. CCC is one of my bright spots and I am so grateful to be here.

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