Some Favorite San Diego California Photos - My Thursday Favorites #20 Contest Entry

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These photos remind me of the end of my time in San Diego California, and show a lot of what I was doing at that time.

The first shot is the California Tacos Sign in National City. I am quite far away freezing at the bus stop on the way to somewhere else. My side of the street is Shelltown in San Diego where I was living at the time and this was my go-to carnitas place. I had a lot of good cheap meals from here.

I like the photo since it is so clear despite my cheap camera at the time. You can see all the way to the back wall of the kitchen in this shot.

fav mycalisign Califorina Taco Shop.jpg

The next photo is some girls giving away free Obama phones in a dirt lot. If you do not need one, you might not know these are still available to low income people. You walk up to any stand you see like this, show ID and get a phone for free. They are not great phones, but at least you have one.

When I asked why they where in this lot in Shelltown, they told me it was a good place. They can make hundreds of dollars a day giving away phones, but it is not easy. Other people claim your spot, and some cities won’t let you do it at all. Other places want to charge you to sit there.

This was a good place because it had good foot traffic and no one bothered them.

fav mycalisign Free obamaphone booth.jpg

The Diamond Dot Pub was long gone when I shot its famous sign. The Ice Cold Beer and Wine was from the next place; also gone. Weeks after I caught this Shelltown sign, it disappeared as well. The clear blue sky was what I was looking for as I passed this sign for months. I'm glad I got it before it was gone.

fav Ice Cold Beer.jpg

This was one of many San Diego police cars in Shelltown one day. There might have been 20 of them with cops in groups roaming everywhere, and all the neighbors out to look. After an hour or so they all left with nothing and we all went back inside. No one had any idea what they were looking for, but they did not find it.

This is really a photo of my son walking away with his skateboard after he got tired of waiting for something to happen.

fav SDPD Shelltown San Diego.jpg

And here we move to San Diego Bay to see the Star of India Tall Ship docked. I was walking to the ferry, and saw this good light. If you are in San Diego, touring this ship is a fun thing to do. It only sails a few times a year, and is very impressive when it does.

The rest of the time you can pay to tour when the ship is docked. It's much bigger inside than it appears, and has a lot of cool exhibits.

fav Star of India Tall Ship San Diego Bay.jpg

My post today is for the weekly Thursday Favorites Contest by @marblely for ccc. This week she wants to know about some of your favorite photos, so pick some, and you are in!

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The Obama Phones are a good business to get into and they give free internet and unlimited calls which is always a plus. The best part is that if you "sell" them or distribute them, you make $20 per phone. Its actually harder to give them away than one would think.

Thanks for sharing awesome pics <3

Looking forward to your STEEMFEST posts.

Very nostalgic photos :) Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading your stories and the one where your son walked away after getting tired of waiting is quite funny 😁I love looking back at all the photos I took over the years. They bring back sweet memories plus bitter ones too but that is what shapes us isn’t it 🙂

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