Say NO to a Poisoned Fat Person and Keep them Fat - Freewrite Day 738

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I lost “Half My Size” eight years ago at the age of 50 and have not had a problem with my weight since. I was a fat four year old and had never lost weight in my life before. So do I eat “no added sugar?”

I assure you that I do eat added sugar.

What I do NOT eat is GMO Sugar Beet “sugar” which is in 99% of US processed food now.

What I do eat is:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Molasses
  • Honey
  • Pure Cane Sugar – mostly brown

I buy these organic and use them in moderation and do not feel the need for more or feel any kind of lack in my life. If the bag you have says "Sugar" it is now made from gmo sugar beets. This is toxic. You need to buy sugar that says, "Pure Cane Sugar" to get sugar cane sugar now.

Telling a fat person out of control and eating all the toxic and addictive USFDA Approved GRAS list chemicals that they can never have sugar again is the reason they are still fat.

My plan in any weight loss coaching is:

  • Tell me what you eat now and we will work to improve it.

We will have you:

  • eat less crap
  • eat more nutrition

This will be done incrementally and will be painless.

For example:

You love XXX big box brand cereal, filled with chemicals, colors, flavors, pesticides, and gmo sugar beet sugar.

We will look for the best similar, organic unflavored cereal and you will get good, organic/clean ingredients to give it flavor you enjoy.

This new version will be cheaper, better tasting, and will give you nutrition instead of poison. You will like it, get a boost from it, and be ready to take on the next change.

It is not your fault you cannot lose weight. You are being poisoned. Once you remove the toxin inflow, your body can start working again and begin to heal. A few months of these small changes and you will look back in anger of what was done to you.

I know this because it happened to me and to all the other people I have helped break free.

My poster to try to explain this to weight loss clients

Toxin Poster.png

Count these nutrients, not calories

Attempt to get 120% of the US RDA for one and then go on to the next. iI usually start people with Vitamin C, Fiber or Iodine, since they are all fairly easy to increase.

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Dark brown sugar and honey ... that is what I use and they do not seem to cause trouble in small amounts in addition to small amounts of fruits and a lot more vegetables...

I think you are my food twin. I eat the same sugars, read every label THOROUGHLY, prepare most of my foods from scratch. Great info in this, thanks
I have a question for you sensei: Why do you say to upvote your posts that are close to payout? Is there some benefit to this? I've been choosing posts with the largest payout because that maximizes my upvote value now that the curve is in effect, and we both get a tiny fraction of a penny more than we would if I upvoted a low paying post. What say you?

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