Fighting edema with all of my effort - My Entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward CCC Contest 2-24

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This week has not been easy while I fight edema and try to heal. Yesterday I thought I was doing better, and now today I am still having to lie down for most of the day.

The natural methods I am using are:

  • drink as much variety of healthy drinks as I can
  • eat lightly
  • wear tight(ish) clothing
  • exercise
  • shower frequently
  • massage the areas swollen by excess water

I’m having varying degrees of success on all of these strategies. I might be 10% better than a couple of days ago, but it is hard to tell.

I’m in bed about 20 hours a day and sleeping for maybe 5 of those hours. Everything hurts and I can’t breathe. When I drop off to sleep, I wake up gasping, and have to sit up and try to get some regular deep breathing going on.

I look back to when this was my life. I suffered with edema for years before I finally lost weight. This is a reminder to take better care of myself and I look forward to better health soon.

On the plus side, I managed to post to all three blogs today for the first time in weeks. So maybe I really am doing better, and need to be grateful I can work.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for my photos on this post. It's a beef, veg and rice dish I can get at one of the restaurants for this condo. I like it, but it is a bit expensive, so I rarely eat it. I love the veg though, which is called morning glory.

This post is my entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward Contest by @wakeupkitty for CCC. Post about what happened to you in the last week, or what you are looking forward to in the coming week, and you can enter too!

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Sending reiki love in support of your healing & wellness


Hello friend @fitinfunfood, I am very sorry that you are in that condition, I imagine you should have a strict diet, if I see that you could cook the food since with that in addition to knowing what you are consuming it would be a little cheaper. I am now also integrated into the #CCC community and there I have made several publications. Receive my affections Felix.

I wonder if this helps. Start drinking more big chance it is toxic in your body that causes it. I have it at times and found out a lack of fluid causes it too.

Any idea if you have Sjōgren Syndrome too?

Less salt or perhaps more can help. If it is your feed try to keep them higher... Pillow underneath the knees works better as underneath the feet.

Thank you for your entry.
You have number 5.
You have my 100% upvote.
Like @felixgarciap already mentioned he hosts a ccc-contest too. (Lyric Poetry Contest) see @team-ccc.

With the right eating, knowing what food to find locally I hope you find relief from this ailment soon @fitinfunfood