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My favorite furry animal fitinfunfood.jpg

I like cats out of the furry animals. They do not care about humans for the most part, and just go on with their lives. I mostly encounter them on the street now, and here they really are uninterested in the people passing by.

When I lived in the US, cats would scurry away when you came near them. It's different in SE Asia. They stay where they are and let you walk by or even step over them if they are in the way.

I'm not too good at getting photos of them even as they remain still. Often my shots are blurry but I still take them when I can.


Local people feed the cats here by putting out food on paper in random spots. My Kuala Lumpur Malaysia condo will give you a fine if they catch you doing it on the property, but people do it anyway.


This guy is often right outside my door and is unimpressed to see me whenever we meet.


This one is in a busy stairwell near the condo restaurants and has not a care in the world.


And this lady cat is busy grooming. She does not even look up as I take a photo.


I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for these photos.

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That is a lot of stray cats in one area.

Along our coast there are cats that have gone back to living in the bush after being abandoned by humans. People feed them, arrange for them to be neutered and set free @fitinfunfood, many resorts have banned the feeding of stray animals.

So many stray cats near your condo! But they do look happily care-less though. I guess they will keep coming as long as there is food. I like the unimpressed one that is often right outside your door :)

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We really love cats, Steem on with our cats.