CCC Means Working to Succeed no Matter What Contest Entry 2.20

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I have roadblocks in my way, but I cannot let them stop me. This week I am grateful for CCC to give me this chance to reflect and improve.


I still have a flood coming in my room from the old cable outlet and it does not look like the end is in sight. We are having big storms each evening now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. When I say big, I mean it. The rain comes very hard and then the flood in my room increases soon after that.

And then I have to do all this continual laundry for wet towels and blankets that is kicking my butt. I am sleeping way more than normal. When I get up, everything is sore. This could be stress too, since auto-immune disease is like that.


I feel caged in my situation of no money and food. I am trying to eat every 36 hours or so, but I am out of seaweed, salt and limes, so I am not getting the vitamins I need. This is not helping my health or optimism.

To get out of this I am listening to more self-help podcasts, on overcoming excuses, setting goals, and time management. However much time I can stay sitting up is time I want to be effective.

Today one thing that hit me was to schedule my daily goals. I have long lists of goals, and do the most important first. But now I am going to slot times for them. I feel like I already got that advice, but I have not been able to make it work yet.

The idea is to decide how long something will take and then try to beat the clock. This will help since I can't sit up for more than about one to two hours at a time right now. So I will need to set tasks I can do in that time.


I am about ready to publish a post in fitinfun about a revised budget for STEEMFest. I looked into a lot of the details yesterday, and I am so eager to make it. I hope by putting my calculations out to the world, I will be able to be in Bangkok with the other STEEMers there.

My photo for this post is from the next tasteem review I am doing. I'm focusing (badly) on the salad with pineapple in the shot. It is the first time I have seem this and I want more!

I had a goal of 3 tasteem reviews for last week and posted 4! Go me. This will be the first one for the coming week.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for this photo.

My post today is for the What does ccc stand for contest by @wakeupkitty. You can enter this contest too. Join with ccc and get on board with some other great steemers who are trying to make STEEM work for them too. We are all a bunch of little people, and together we can grow.

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