Better Strategies Needed Edition - My Entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward CCC Contest 2-17

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I’m looking back at the performance of my three blogs this week and feeling I need to do better.

  • I have not been posting frequently enough.
  • When I do post, I do not get good votes.

Right after the fork, I was posting more, and I was getting better votes. Both of those have now settled down with very bad timing for me.

In less than a month, I need to get myself to Bangkok for a Visa trip and this coincides to the STEEMFest dates. I have faced the fact that I will not have a conference ticket, but now I do not even know if I will have enough money to make the trip at all.

A couple of days ago I dusted off some motivational pdf’s and podcasts I have saved that prompted me to do better in prior times. The gist of all of those is that I am responsible for making my own reality and can do better if I stay focused and work toward stated goals.

No goals = Not reaching goals

So what are my goals?

  • 2-3 posts per day on all three blogs
  • Get the first post for each blog out FIRST each morning
  • Post “important” posts; not “easy” posts ***
  • 10-20 replies a day on all three blogs
  • Answer bounty posts every day that there are any to answer

Post “important” posts; not “easy” posts ***

What does this mean? I have a long list of posts to do for each blog. The “harder” ones often get pushed to the bottom of the list. The most important for each blog are currently:

  • fitinfun – Posts about STEEMFest – Bangkok tips for others, and planning posts for me.
  • fitinfunfood – Posts about food and weight loss. Especially tasteem reviews.
  • bxlphabet – Posts about tokens and tribes.

Without going into the detail, each of those topics has a list of posts I want to get out, and few of them have been published. These posts are what I think will get better attention from STEEM voters too.

So maybe next week I will have good news and better votes for these “more important” posts. I can only hope, and try, and pray. Something needs to give.

My photo for this post is of some Toasted Bread with Kaya & Butter + Half Boiled Eggs I got for free at a recent restaurant meal in Kuala Lumpur. The owner gave this dish to me when he saw I was taking photos of my food and surroundings.

This is a standard breakfast offering in Malaysia, and was so delicious I could not believe it. The toast has some kind of coconut butter on it and when dipped in the eggs, causes great joy. I have seen people eat this many times, and did not know what I was missing.

And below is a random cat I saw when walking on my condo property. I rarely saw cats when I lived in Thailand and now they are everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. As you see this cat has no fear and very little interest in me.


I have a cat in my post due to an extra bonus for the Looking Back / Looking Forward Contest this week by @wakeupkitty for CCC. She wanted some cat info and a tag for it, and I can follow directions if it means an extra STEEM prize :)

Post about what happened to you in the last week, or what you are looking forward to in the coming week, and you can enter too. And don't forget the cat!

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Well done and I think this is how you need to do it. Combine for the prizes.

@olivia08 is running a contest and so does @felixgarciap. Might be you can combine it too with a freewrite or...

Happy day. So far you survived and if it was not on steel with help of friends. It is more than most of us can say.

I have doubts if better (whatever better may be) posts will make you earn more. Frequently I think it is the next very long boring post no help to most Steemians.

Perhaps you can write something about what to do with all these tokens, how to change them into steem.

Happy day, you have number 2.

Thank you so much for the gift unexpectedly. You have a good heart and I will use this gift for my contest dear @wakeupkitty

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You can use it for whatever you like. It is yours. Happy day, get the best out of it. You only live ones.

Now I go wash the dishes. 👍💕

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Hey @fitinfun yes kaya butter toast with half boiled eggs is DELICIOUS! My son has it every opportunity he gets and my hubby and it as often as we can. Kaya is made of eggs, coconut milk and sugar cooked into jam!

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It's seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten, @khimgoh. What a revelation. Thank you for telling me what is in it, and I cannot wait to have it again.