Political Sciences Class Notes: The State (FACTORY/WORK Perspective!) :D

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-Vladimir Ilych #Lenin and Leon Trotsky= Leon #Trotsky wanted to get to "real socialism"; nationalizing resources and the vanguardist #Marxist-Leninist (=150,000,000 DEAD!) moves to sustain itself as a criminal gang! PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF #AUTHORITY TEND TO STAY IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY! Private property is an asymmetry in society; property= Control over the labor force of others! Karl Marx says capitalism produces the proletariat; "the destruction of the rich and powerful classes." "AfRiCa Is CoNtRoLlEd AnD eXpLOiTeD bY CaPiTaLiSm." Proletarianization involves force in the very beginning; private property comes out of a state structure. Mining structure or machinery for Gold, Silver, Coal and Oil! "Private property exploits us."

-There are different forms of exploitation; capitalism increases class divides and dialectical materialism drives history´s struggle. Capitalists get stronger; capitalism increases the capacity for control. Exploitation works= Marxist definition of capital= MC=M' . CAPITALISM LOSES MONEY ON EN DEVOURS; DELTA M SHOULD BE POSITIVE SO THAT M' IS BIGGER THAN M! WAGE CAPITAL, PROCESS, EXPLOITATION, STATE, A FORM OF DOMINATION BY CONTROL OVER THE MEANS OF LIFE, WORKERS WITH RAW MATERIALS ARE CAUSED TO BE IN DIFFERNT GESTURES THAT SUCKS YOUR ENERGY OUT OF YOU! YOU ARE BOUGHT AND SOLD AS A COMMODITY; THEY STEAL YOUR LABOR POWER SINCE THEY KEEP YOUR SURPLUS. COMMUNISM HAS NEVER BEEN ACHIEVED AND #SOCIALISM HAS KILLED OVER 150 MILLION PEOPLE; IT WILL NEVER WORK AS THE "DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT" IS A FASCIST REGIME SIMILAR TO GERMAN NATIONAL SOCIALISM (NAZISM). Value of the chair comes out of labor of the carpenter. This is radical leftist bullshit pushed by college teachers.

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