Playing Games on STEEM for Some Good Results

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Games I Play on steem bxl.jpg

I'm not too active in game-playing on STEEM but here are short progress reports on those I am in now:


I was playing @steemmonsters the most, but now I just get cards in contest winnings. I have close to 200 cards now and might try to rent some of them out. I would have to get up to speed on this.

I noticed that Splinterlands Cards are now listed in my wallet on @steempeak, and this is what made me look at them today, and even think to do this post.

splinterlandss cards.PNG


Out of all the games I am in, @playdice gives me the best result.

I have my autovoter set up for @playdice, and this gives me curation rewards and game winnings without doing anything else. Here is my recent post of how this works for me.

dPoll Have you tried @playdice on STEEM?

I'm pretty happy with getting STEEM and SP flowing in.

= =
These next three games I go into all at the same time and about every 36 hours.


I was doing weekly updates about my progress in @nextcolony, but ftp is going very slowly. I am only adding resources as I can and this is maybe 5-7 actions a week. I go in, upgrade one or two things and log out.


I'm also just upgrading in @drugwars. I build storage and upgrade buildings as I can. I also send excess drugs to the daily heist, and get winnings that way. One day I will see how many winnings I have and maybe take them out.


I roll once a day in @epicdice and usually win. This gives a tiny uptick in steem. I think I might wipe it out each time I lose every so often.

That's it! My game playing is kind of boring, but I still do it since it does not take much time.


I've been playing a lot of Splinterlands and that's what has given me the best results. But I do play the rest of the games you've mentioned too :)


I feel like I should get back into Splinterlands since so many get good results like you, @d-zero. Bit I do not have enough hours in the day.

I only spend like 30 minutes most days. There are compounding returns. More you play better your deck will become resulting in better rewards.

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