My SPUD 6 Results! WooHoo!

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spud 6 power up bxl.jpg

Happy SPUD 6 Day Everyone!

STEEM Power Up Day is celebrated every first of the month on STEEM and today is the day of SPUD 6!

Today some committed STEEMers power up some STEEM to SP. This action shows their love of our platform and helps even the smallest redfish to invest in their blogs.

I am very happy to participate this month and and grow my presence here. I am not a big fish and I do not have a big power up, but slow and steady wins the race so I am in!

This sixth SPUD challenge and contest is initiated by @streetstyle and I am so grateful for it. I am a believer in STEEM and this monthly commitment helps me keep my focus.

Here is my power up proof:

My SP Before Power Up was 310:

bxl before spud 6.PNG

My SP After a 32 STEEM Power Up is 342:

bxl after spud 6.PNG

Last month I powered up 16 STEEM, so I am happy to double this now.

I left a bit of free STEEM in my wallet and this is what happened to that:

Like last month, I sponsored @streetstyle for one unit of SBI. And again, I added some money to my STEEM Savings to get a start on SPUD 7. It is only 1 STEEM, but it is a start. Last month I only could add 0.50 STEEM, so - progress!

bxl save and sbi spud 6.PNG

Goals for SPUD 7

  • Good growth on my SP balance compared to the 342 SP I have now.
  • A larger SPUD contribution to add to my SP.
  • More participants from my friends at all levels of SP. Even a 1 STEEM Power up matters if we all do it at the same time.
  • More sponsors from the richer STEEM friends I have here. I will start pestering them after Oct 15.

And thank you so much to all the SPUD 6 sponsors!

You are awesome :)



aha, so you are one of the mysterious SBI donors.... cool, thank you so much!! And thanks for your support and help with #spud and #spud6

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