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RE: Debating if Steem has a future

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I saw your post and thought, 'Oh no, another one rtaking guesses etc. - just for a vote'.

As you must have guessed, you surprised me. You said what I feel and moaned about what I have moaned. Anyone who writes stories, poetry, stem articles and so other words, anyone who cares about how many bothered to read him, should have moaned as I did about the 'post view ticker thing' - but I do not recall ever see another complain about it.

So, even if it is at the edge of the cliff before we try to learn to fly - glad to have met you :)


The post ticker was removed because there are 100 dollar blogs with no views and it looks bad, literally no other reason

As I read your above message - I just had a little box flash up with the message: Filter activated - Easy list in China.

Never seen it before, any idea what it is? I don't even know how to get rid of such activation! (I only use a pc, not a smart phone

...sorry, all okay (I think) it was my adblocker adding the filter. At least I was able to find it from duckduckgo