Online Consulting Booming

in businessdevelopment •  4 months ago 

🍯 Golden times for digital business models and online consulting. While rigid companies and pseudo coaches will soon disappear from the landscape, attractive new opportunities are emerging for talents with the right mindset and internationals whose skills and niches were underestimated before corona. My clients will thrive they gonna be among the best 🏆


The effort is now paying off, now it is time for investing and working hard and a lot. While most of the masses and messes are slowly waking up from their corona stasis or are still preparing for a crypto crash, others continue to expand their clientele. Either everything lies dormant or I'm getting so many orders, can't even take a breath. My blog entries will be on hold for the next time, interesting and new projects and collaborations I had to postpone already to beginning of May, so that I can keep up with my current assignments. Feel free to write me anytime, Hiveians are always welcome.

If there are just as many people writing to you now and you are not sure if they are serious or spam, just ask them about blockchain based social media, you'll find out very fast ;)


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LOL - that is cool!

any result so far??

haha you mean the Anna analyst connectione? yes, she's muted now, but she can convince me with upvoting me here on #hive and write valuable blog posts 😁

I spend a vote- let's see what will happen.... ;-)