Nonstop Gun Demand Right Now

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Gun sales spike in the U.S. whenever political discontent grows or there is some terror incident etc, they've seen record breaking gun sales for one reason for another over the years.

And now they're seeing high demand once again.

There is more political unrest expected to follow in the coming weeks and gun stores are seeing the benefit from it. Right now they are having a hard time trying to keep up with the demand as they are selling weapons so quickly. According to one store owner they say it has been 'nonstop' demand right now for their business.

From police shootings to protests, riots, economic downturn, pandemics, for one reason or another, more people are looking to arm themselves possibly for the first time, as well as those looking to simply increase their collection at home.

They say that many who are coming in right now are first time buyers, looking to get shotguns and other weapons that can be used for self defense.

Spike In Gun Courses

As many new people are starting to become acquainted with gun ownership that means that gun courses are seeing a spike in business too. Right now courses for concealed weapons are spiking in demand along with gun sales.

Some of those course companies are adding additional courses now just to meet the demand.

Increasingly, ammo is also becoming more difficult to come by and there were issues with that last year as well. The spike in demand for guns and ammo right now is putting pressure on the industry inventory supply and it is getting harder to secure what they need. They expect that this sort of difficulty might remain for some time yet, possibly even get worse if political tensions increase as many suspect it might.



Democratic party already threw up gun licensing bill that is horrified the citizens.

The next week is going to be a big deal.

stop sounding like a clown that is blinded to tyranny when it comes from republicans

Wow sounds like you're pretty biased