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Hey JessVikings

As the effects of the lockdowns continue and the insolvencies start to make its way through the global economy, we've seen people have to change the way they see the world and how they are going to earn a living going forward.

We've obliterated jobs that will never return, and people will need to look for new ways to build a livelihood. While some will wait for governments to provide direct relief through programs like UBI, others are taking it into their own hands.

Millions around the world are now out of work. They do not have the luxury of sitting on their arses if they are to survive or maintain a lifestyle they had previously, and desperation can do crazy things to society.

We've seen data that more people are starting to register new businesses which overall is a great thing, the more businesses we have, the more competition, the greater deflation, the more affordable life becomes and the better quality the goods and services we receive.

More businesses mean more decentralisation, and better distribution of resources, which are all great for the economy, through the education in job losses, increase in productivity and velocity of money.

Small businesses are how we create a more robust and dynamic economy and help spread the wealth a little better than we do currently.


Growth of independent contractors and remote work

Plenty of individuals have become disillusioned with working for a boss, and this has been the kick in the ass they needed to go out on their own. Many jobs can now be done remotely, and instead of doing it for one person, you can now do it for many businesses.

I foresee the digital nomad trend to continue, and with registering your own business, you can take advantage of certain tax breaks, you wouldn't get if you were an employee.

Independent contractors and gig workers who try to optimise their time and quality of life are going to continue to drive the revolution of the office-less work environment.

Payment protection

Governments around the world continue to debate the idea of UBI and stimulus cheques but what they don't debate is giving money to businesses. We all saw the plunder of business loans and socialism for businesses being abused the world over during 2020, and I think people who are out of work see this as a way for them to tap into this business UBI and social programs.

Why should a select few be the only ones to plunder state resources, new business owners are going to want a piece of that pie, and I don't blame them.

Job desperation

Governments are going to be desperate to create jobs, and they cannot do it without small businesses. If they are to kick up economies GDP, they will need to drive the growth of the small business. I foresee plenty of programs to encourage this, and that's why I think people are going to continue to register their own businesses to try and take advantage of this favourable environment to come.

Committing to survival at any cost

Governments have chosen to keep this economy an afloat at any cost with inflation going through the roof to try and fund the rehabilitation of small business and keep zombie companies alive I think we will see more people jump on the "entrepreneur" train to try and pillage and plunder state resources in the name of growing the economy.

If there is a way to extort free money from the government, you best believe people are going to abuse it. I think this will only be a temporary band-aid and only serve to speed up the effects of capital misallocation.

We're not only going to encourage the creation of zombie big business but zombie small business, and it's going to make it harder for honest entrepreneurs to get funding and compete in the market.

For the few that do work honestly and make it through all of this, I salute you!

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I think honest and relentless entrepreneurs always will find a way to adapt. You're right about desperation brings the worse in us, this is why it's always good to practice frugality when things are going ok.

Learning the lessons before the game if you will.

Quote Governments around the world continue to debate the idea of UBI and stimulus cheques but what they don't debate is giving money to businesses

Australia has been supporting businesses through the Jobkeeper program. So if your income went down compared to last year's, you get the supported.

Man! I grew up in Argentina, and I've seen 2001 what's happening in the US right now. Political division, mayhem, printing money like crazy, etc. It's not going to end nicely, but the ones semi-prepared will thrive.

How's is the South African support to Businesses?

Great write!

I do agree with you there are just some folks that don’t give a shit about the climate and situation they just don’t the damn thing but these are the exception, can’t rely on just the crazies we all need to pull our weight

Absolutely, I’m so glad I’ve been saving all this time it’s really allowed me to take advantage of crypto and a few other investments and I’m thankful for the fact that I realized it early on

Well they borrowed about $30 billion from the IMF to support businesses but it was all a shit show most of it was stolen! South African government has helped build the tenderpreneur people who apply for funding and then Outsource the work and over quote for the jobs it’s a joke really

I personally don’t see us having the plumbing or the funding to get busienss back in track or propel it’s just going. To be a every man for himself sort of thing and it’s only the beginning f of massive insolvency

Most South Africans are broke by the 15th of the month and the average savings in South Africa is something like -$3500 so it’s not looking good

Those numbers 😵
Are salaries in SA paid monthly?

It's scary numbers, I honestly don't know how people make it work, but somehow they find a way to reach the next month

It depends on vast majority such as government jobs (biggest employer of people) and the private sector would be monthly payments, but labourers get paid weekly or bi weekly.

I lived month to month like 10 years ago, and it's funny how psychologically plays with you if you don't understand finances.

I prefer weekly payments as it's a better way to have a more balanced emotional lifestyle, although it's been a while since I got a paycheck, I think the majority would be less reckless with spending.

It would be great to hear opinions from gov workers vs labourers.

Absolutely, it took me a while to learn about how money works and even now I am still learning, I don't chase the pay cheque as much as I did before

I try to make my money work for me more each month. I think it depends on the person, but in terms of macro, I would think being paid weekly you're better capital allocator because a month is long and people become frustrated so when they do get their paycheque they piss it away.

not that weekly wage earners don't do the same, but I do think once a month with flat wages pushes people more into debt

I am a jessie today. But a happy jessie - My job today is to write a swedish guide about what bitcoin is . A two days job so a pretty long article. Thats lovely !

that's great, I am glad they are taking BTC more seriously, I hope your article gets tonnes of traffic :)

I dont know. It is to a customer. But anyway I hope he will ge a lot of traffic so he order more.

Lol I need to get into the Swedish SEO game I’ll make a killing .se websites are not good quality 🥵

Dont Tell People that. I get Good from affiliate...

Yeah but why shouldn't I also have and take all the traffic

LOL I do not think you want to have same number 1 positions at google as I want.

LOL I’ll just keep watch of your domains and then if I see good click through I’ll target that same keywords

They haven't stopped the printing presses yet, only to speed them up. My newly printed Pandemic Pay is coming this month as promised by my Employer and gold is trending down at almost the right time baring any unexpected funny business with the US Elections notwithstanding.

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How does pandemic pay work? Do you think that these programs are going to expand to a type of UBI for Canadians?

Lol well how much funny business do you want? It’s clearly a treasure trove at this point

The Canadian Liberal Government is already talking about UBI.
The Pandemic Pay is an incentive to keep Health Care Workers at their jobs. I work full time and to see a college get a fully paid 'Vacation' because she is afraid to work is disheartening to those who actually work accepting the risk, else I would of already pretend to feign being sick and spend the time with my kids.

Wow, what happened to no work no pay? I guess no one wants to feel the pain, that paid vacation must have been nice but it's going to cost people more than they think, I am sure some are afraid but others are totally gaming the system.

Here we've totally opened up again and things are back to normal operations, but businesses are still closing and retrenching

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