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Can you make your own rope?

Some skills can be important to learn and retain. In this video, I start a new series where I touch on various "survival skills." If you've not yet learned skills like this, now may be the perfect time. Being able to make your own cordage from natural resources can be a handy skill to master, so check this video out and give it a try. Enjoy!



Fabulous @papa-pepper! I love the multi purposes of this underestimated little wild herb. Incredible healing properties. My big project is making cheese with stinging nettle

I've not used nettle but have made tons out of cat tails. We learned a few different techniques in the Boy Scouts for the wilderness survival badge. It largely depends on your local flora but there are generally at least 2 or 3 plants that can be made into ropes and cordage. We have native Clematis vines on the property that have a long history of use as rope.

@senorcoconut! Check it out! Another rewilding skill!

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Here we have flax, in the 1800s and early 1900s it was cropped and turned into linen for hi quality sheet for the bed, tableclothes etc. A lot was used to make the ropes on the sailiing ships of the era.
Being longer strands it is a lot easier to work into rope/string.
The kids will be great survivalists when they grow up.

this is great, I look forward to more on bushcraft and make sure to use the creativecoin tag so that you can earn some tokens as well for sharing your skills xx