What do vindictive assholes look like? This is what vindictive assholes look like.

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August will find me having been on the STEEM platform for four years. This post will be my 172nd posts.

Sorry if me saying the STEEM platform offends you, but for me the HIVE platform is simply an extension of the STEEM platform with the Ninja mined tokens having been moved to the the slush fund of the SPS system (or whatever it is called on HIVE) from the Steemit Inc.'s account(s).

It is considered a slush fund, by me, because it is stake vote administered with @gtg's Return Proposal (#0) which raises the bar on what the community can endorse on their own without the V.22.2 Cabal's approval. With all the narrative that the HIVE fork was done for decentralisation purposes, even with the Ninja mined tokens now being hidden in the slush fund, let's see how that decentralisation has worked out in a fairly recent graph...


Excuse me for digressing

So in my four years on the platform there has been 171 posts by me. Not exactly the record of a spammer.

First came the visit from the little brother of the bully

First @hivewatchers dropped in on my post to tell me that two of my posts were too short and considered spam; while taking the opportunity to self vote (well they actually have secondary accounts to not make it so obvious) which was always outside of community standards when last checked. However the V.22.2 Cabal cannot pass up an opportunity to token grind.

Anyway, here it is in their own words...

Screenshot from 20200614 091735.png

They basically wanted me to grovel to them for two posts after 4 years and less that 200 posts in total that somehow met their guidelines of spamming! Such actions are bully tactics without context.

As if the threat mattered to me financially; although that threat annoyed me as a supporter of the STEEM platform until the V.22.2 Cabal splintered it asunder. My powering downs is me getting off this sinking ship, so they were told in their Discord court room as much...

Just thought to drop round so as to tell GuiltyParties[.com] et al to go fuck themselves. They are witnessing me curating my way off this sinking ship. While they don't like how many words are in my post they are self voting their own fucking comment. Sure they don't use the exact same account yet it is the circle jerking fashion used by the V.22.2 Cabal in all their scamming activities from comment to witness voting. Can't wait to see HIVE go to dust once the fools buying more with their STEEM sell off are finished. Thanks for the motivation to finish my last gift to HIVE; the Doomday Extension. More on that at: https://hive.blog/base64/@novacadian/base64-encryption-explained

Bullies don't like to be put in their place.

So their older brother, @steemcleaners, was sent around to ruff me up. What a joke and example of the vindictive nature of this V.22.2 Cabal Administration.

Screenshot from 20200615 085112.png

Powering down your STEEM?

If you are powering down your STEEM and buying HIVE, where do you think the HIVE is coming from that you are buying. Sure some of it is from little fish like myself that want off this sinking ship, yet the vast majority is circle jerking grinding tokens of the V.22.2 Cabal who need you to give credibility to their scam called HIVE.

And all you non-consensus witnesses...

You are chumps of the V.22.2 Cabal, securing their network out of your own pockets while they grab the lion's share and sprinkle crumbs to the conned users below.

Mark my words, my feeling is that HIVE will go to dust. That's one category below shit coins. And so it should for the lies of narrative and vindictive actions made in its creation.

Flag away bullies!

Opps, forgot the rewards on this post have been declined. Might have to resort to your other power freak tool...


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I got 1 more wk of power down on STEEM ... but I'm keeping 10k there all delegated out.. I believe it has a better future than HIVE atm.. but I did stop my HIVE power down for the moment

My feeling is STEEM has a number of reasons for success over HIVE, although they both have broken their governance and reputation beyond repair. Right off the bat they have JS, a billionaire who owns his own exchange that make @theycallmedan's stake look like newpaperboy's spare change. They have atomic swaps in the offing, which excited me the day JS walked in the door only to get a pie in the face for his mere mention of it. Guess the V.22.2 Cabal didn't figure the average STEEM user would know that it is technology used in the Lightning Network of Bitcoin-core and could give it the horror narrative that TRON was going to gobble up your STEEM instead of being seen as a wonderfully smooth means to bring the HUGE TRON user base to STEEM.

Lastly they have that user base even now, which one may not be aware of unless you are posting in Korean or Chinese. My feeling is that it dwarf's 10-15k active users of HIVE, yet no hard core data on that at the moment.

My main interest has always been the tech so the failure of this stage of the DPoS experiment (which @dan always called it btw) is reason enough for me to pack it in. Many folks, like yourself, would be missed so might keep things at minnow level to have the needed RCs to interact as well as spam my @photoarchive until they blacklist me. At that point the plan is to see the viability of running a witness node through the dark net. Even perverts need a Condenser portal. 😎

So my disengagement should be incremental, with the same cunning vindictiveness that the V.22.2 Cabal has shown. It is a wonderful challenge to see if one coder can bring a social media platform down through the threat of possible legal exposure in most jurisdictions.

If you punch a bully in the nose, you should be prepared to win the fight.
Nobody can win the fight against the people that got in first, and deepest.
Those folks will control the platform far into the future.
The price will tell us what kind of job they do attracting investment.

My latest post talks about doing a search on the keyword "HIVE" and it only appearing on the third page of results because peakd mentions the chain in their About section. The more exploration on my part the more the HIVE project seems doomed to any actual growth. My AOL of DPoS seems more and more appropriate.

Yeah, they appear to want to stretch this game out longer.
They, the cabal, don't want success right now, they want to increase their percentage of holdings while it is cheap.

When I first got here they used to talk about it.
How were they to stay ahead of the inflation?
How the abusers would have a bigger advantage if they didn't abuse, too.

Acidyo was the most visible of those.
Now he wants respect because he stopped being an abuser?

I never understood why downvoting is an option of (any) social media that wants to grow. It surely pisses you of and others as well.

In a non-vindictive and grass roots fashion downvotes are fine by me, although they were never really used by me until the restrictions on RC costs were reduced in HF21(?). However a systematic setup that is run with bad AI are the flip side of the vote bot coin, in my opinion. In this particular case they gave me my warnings and no more such posts were posted by me, yet after my comment in their Discord Courtroom they vindictively flagged me, in my opinion. The veil is really coming off on these basement dwelling power hungry geeks. This scam called HIVE will either remain a testimony to human naivety or doomed to failure.