My very first Markovian Parallax Denigrate post!

in bullies •  3 months ago 

For those of us more familiar with whale shares terminology, they call them account preservation posts.

What it boils down to is posting just to try to keep up with the herd.
The more you get in rewards the less position you lose in relation to others.

It seems I have some Korean supporters that have far more money than me.
They seem to think they need their money more than me and have decided to stop me from getting any.

So, if you got me on Autobots, you may want to adjust it, I see a lot of milk in my future!

Be prepared for the memes!

*may be sidetracked by the corona express.
I do this mostly on a tablet and have to use a public desktop.
See you in the spring!


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  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

Perhaps calling them supporters is misleading.

Lol, the negative was implied?
They love me soooo much they give me their free votes!

I probably shouldn't have gone sooo hard on the little man angle, I didn't to know they were Korean when this started.
I was figuring 'murican pretending to be ura-peone.